Finding Inner Peace. We all want inner peace, but finding it can be a real challenge. We meditate, do yoga, read books, go to workshops, repeat mantras and yet we continue to be buffeted by the events of our lives. Is life really unfair? Are we not doing it right? What are we missing? Is something wrong with us? ThatRead more

Ross Bishop Books


Finding Inner Peace The latest book from spiritual healer, shaman Ross Bishop.  Finding Inner Peace is a great guide to help you on your path to spiritual mastery. Drawing on his 40 years of experience in healing others, this is a collection of non-shamanic healing techniques gleaned from Ross’ healing work, his own inner transformation and spiritual teaching. Ross shares his knowledgeRead more


Video Series: A Shaman’s Path to Inner Peace – a fourteen part series  Ross has complied his almost 40 years experience of healing others into a 14 part video series. In these videos amongst other things, you will learn the shamanic journey process, learn to heal your wounded inner child, look at what makes you unhappy or holds you backRead more

Ross Bishop - Shaman, Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author of 'Finding Inner Peace' his latest book.