Understanding Conservatives

by Ross Bishop Progressives and conservatives have been engaged in political conflict since forever, and although we have learned empirically to deal with each other, it has been only recently that we have begun to understand the origins of our respective differences. Although there are many factors that contribute to a person’s political perspective, researchers have begun to pinpoint theRead more

Your Inner Child

Your Inner Child

  So you have trouble staying centered. In touchy situations you lose your calm. You get scared, feel anxious and become defensive. You sometimes do and say things you later regret. Similarly, when presented with opportunities to be compassionate, you sometimes hold back. You go as far as you can, but you are unable to love freely and openly. YouRead more

The Wounded Inner Child

Children don’t understand adult psychology. All a child knows is that the love she needs is there, but that it is also sometimes withheld; and she has no explanation as to why, other than it must have been something she did. She was just playing, but to mom she was too loud. She didn’t mind that her toys were allRead more