Ego And The God Space

To help children grow and learn, we create safe and nurturing environments for them. We go to great lengths to devise places that are both physically and emotionally safe. We create safe playgrounds, secure schools, baby monitors, school zones, etc., with a primary emphasis on our kids having a safe experience. We create literal and figurative sandboxes for them. InRead more

Your Energy Field

You live in an energy bubble. You cannot see it, you won’t even notice that it is there. It is different from your aura or the energy of your chakras. This bubble has one purpose: to create separation between you and the hurts and slights of the world. It monitors, edits, filters, distorts and otherwise manipulates everything that comes inRead more

Why Are You Here? Part I

Why Are You Here? Part I

Some humans respond well to challenges. Present us with an unclimbed mountain, an unexplored ocean or an unknown continent and we’ll be there, pushing the frontier, exploring the unknown. Tell humans they cannot do something, and they will find a way or die trying. We have walked on the moon, split atoms, air-conditioned the desert and cloned sheep. We haveRead more