Sometimes we just accept things without really looking at what’s behind them. Take prejudice for example. It is largely an oxymoron. You can’t dislike a whole race or group. It’s not possible. You can dislike some of “them” for what they do – their morals, lifestyle, social values, etc. but not everyone in a group acts in the same wayRead more

Having Compassion

In every moment life presents you with a choice – either move to compassion or close down from fear and anxiety. To take the opportunity and face your fears or remain imprisoned by them. The choice is yours. If for example, if you think you’re not worthy or inadequate, you won’t respond harmoniously to the situations that life presents. YouRead more

A Modern Fable

In this story you are an infant. One of your parents, let’s say your mother, is holding you. (In a classic fairy tale you would be a golden haired princess and you would be being held prisoner by an evil witch, but we’re on a budget, so we’ll do the common person’s fairy tale.) Your mother is struggling with herRead more