The Mystery of Life

Perhaps you already know that there is a great deal more to life than to be born, have couple of kids, live 70+ years and then die. This is especially true if you consider the incredible complexity of everything in The Universe and how perfectly it all fits together. With that perspective, it is difficult to see life as just a meaningless series of random events. I can’t speak for the rest of nature, but as far as humans are concerned, life is a perfectly crafted process designed to bring us to higher levels of spiritual awareness.

If you were to take a self-inventory you would find that you do not appreciate your true nature. Consider as just examples the things you have a difficult time with: the steady grace that pulses deep within, your compassion, the ease of loving self, others, or the earth. These reflect the “unfinished areas of awareness” in your consciousness. The resolution of these unfinished areas are the reason you came to earth.

Your unfinished areas are places where you stumble, where you do not move with grace. You feel insecure about them. When pushed, your response is to move into fear. When asked to be compassionate for example, your tendency is to hold back. Feelings of unworthiness, self-doubt and insecurity rise up when one of your unfinished areas are triggered. That’s how you know they are there. That’s also why other people are in our lives – to push our “unfinished” buttons.

There is a common misperception that children come into this world unblemished. That is only partly true. Although they are not aware of it, your inner child carries the memories of your past life experiences. She also holds feelings about being separated from the Creator from the present incarnation. Each is an expression of the unfinished areas of awareness I speak of, and they set the stage for the eventual wounding that occurs to all children.

As a child you were wounded in your vulnerable places. This really isn’t so difficult to understand. If you felt confident and knew the truth, comments or criticisms would simply have bounced off because you would have known they were untrue. But, if a wounding occurred in one of your “unfinished” areas, the experience would rip you like a fire arrow, branding you it seemed, for all eternity. It is important to note that this whole business of unworthiness is a ruse. There is no way you can be unworthy, but it is how your vulnerability sets you up to see yourself.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. You have been dealing with these issues for many thousands of years. But in your past, things were not as subtle as they are today. Your raw fears and feelings were more on the surface and you tended to act on them. When confronted, your tendency was to respond from fear and more often than not, that you got into trouble. Those encounters usually ended badly.

Your inner child carries the memories of those painful past life encounters. They serve as reminders of what happens when you chose to get off-track. Your fears are a safety mechanism designed to keep you from jumping off the deep end and being overwhelmed before you are ready to deal with them and the situations they create. They also keep you pinned down until you are really ready to address them. They are like the training wheels on a bicycle. They keep you from falling until you learn to deal with the situation on your own. Some people keep their training wheels long after they need them, but that’s another story.

It is important to contrast the innocence of a child with the things children come to believe about themselves. Have you ever met a child who was unworthy? Who, by their very nature, was cruel or unkind? These things are not in our nature. We have to learn them, and our unfinished areas of awareness provides a portal to facilitate that happening.

Your childhood experiences created a set of beliefs that determine your behavior and control the outcome of your life occurrences. Those beliefs sit inside you like an unwelcome rodent, gnawing away at your self confidence, creating the self condemnation and fear that cripples you.

In an ironic twist, the pain you have experienced is not a “flaw” in either you or the system. In fact, your pain is the essential element that will propel your eventual healing. As regrettable as it may be, your pain will eventually drive you to question the beliefs and childhood wounding upon which your life has been built. It will bring you to realize that you could not be the person you have assumed you were. That insight, and the shedding of old skins that accompanies it, will free you to be more of the person you truly are. This is how you will resolve the unfinished areas of awareness that you came here to complete.

Some people get so caught up in their pain that they have a difficult time accepting the lessons that life offers them. Others turn to drugs, alcohol or even work to mask their pain and emptiness. In response, The Universe simply raises the bar until the pain becomes so intense that they can no longer sustain their avoidant behavior. Hospitals are full of people who face the ultimate challenge, “Change or die.”

The Creator could have simply given you the awareness that I speak of, but then you wouldn’t “own” it in the same way. It wouldn’t be yours like it eventually will. When you come to embrace this truth on your own, you own it in a way not possible by any other means. Remember, you have free will, and so it is important that you come to this understanding on your own. It is one hell of a way to get there, but that speaks to the importance of the lessons. Otherwise, as I say, He/She could just give it to you.

There is much more to tell, but I do not have space for all that here. If you do want to know more, I have written three books on the subject: Healing The Shadow, Journey To Enlightenment and About Life.

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