Buddha’s Prayer

Twenty five hundred years ago Buddha taught this practice to his students.* The first part is quite simple. Just sit quietly for a few minutes and see yourself/feel yourself receiving God’s love. This takes you to your center.

Do this many times each day. You will find that it takes is just a few seconds to bring you to your to center. The goal is to expand the practice so that you feel yourself receiving God’s love in every moment, with every breath. When you lose that connection, simply stop and reconnect to it.

The second part needs a lot of repetition. You will want to sit comfortably and quietly and repeat the prayer below:

May I be filled with loving-kindness.

May I be well.

May I be peaceful and at ease.

May I be happy.

The Buddha gave instructions that when doing this prayer to picture yourself either as a beloved young child or as you are today, being held in the heart of loving-kindness. I see myself as being lovingly held in a great white lotus. It is a wonderful feeling!

Do not make this an adjunct to your life that gets canceled when your schedule is busy or other things interfere. Make this (along with your meditation) the single most important thing in your day so that you can then live your life through this mantra. If you do that, the rewards will be extraordinary!

After you have done this for a few days and feel comfortable, expand your intention to include other people. Change the prayer to either include the person’s name or say “May he/she. . .”

Go through the people in your life who are special to you or who may be in need of some help right now. When you feel really comfortable with the process, move to groups – “May they. . .” Make the group as large as you can.

The goal is to make this prayer such an integral part of your life that you say it – literally or figuratively – with every breath.


* with thanks to Jack Cornfield.

copyright©Blue Lotus Press 2016

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