Mental Illness

When they pick through the ashes of Western Civilization, along with its its many accomplishments, historians will note four major failures: First will be its greed driven ethical corruption; second its failure to protect the environment; third the treatment of criminals and the fourth will be its disregard of the mentally troubled. The ethical and moral corruption inRead more

Soul Loss in A Culture – Part II

In the first article of this series I wrote about the loss of soul that occurred from Western society’s transition from craft to manufactured goods. But there is more. The transition profoundly affects each of us every day. When You create something, as opposed to merely assembling parts on a production line, you engage in a process –Read more

Soul Loss in A Culture – Part I

Dealing with “soul loss” is at the heart of shamanic work. We speak of “soul Loss” when an individual closes part of their natural self off to life. Obviously, this can happen for many reasons. And like an individual, a culture can also suffer soul loss. Today many of us are concerned about what has happened to theRead more


by Ross Bishop People are curious about Shamanism. Although the term is becoming more widely recognized, there is still confusion about exactly what it is. Shamanism is not a cultural or religious phenomenon. It reaches beyond acculturation into the core of the individual regardless of a person’s background, culture, training or beliefs.  No country or culture has aRead more