End of The World

I am asked frequently about the “end of the world” predictions. First of all, the Mayans never predicted the end of the world. What they did address was the end of your world, and that’s a very significant difference. I want to investigate what that is likely to mean for you.

Actually, “your world” has been ending for quite some time. It wasn’t all that long ago that your predecessors went around barefoot, lived in mud huts, wore homespun clothing and herded pigs or sheep. They were likely indentured to some lord or perhaps even slaves, had almost no rights and lived in total fear of those in power who were higher on the social ladder.

Since that time, human history has been driven by the evolution of individual consciousness and the struggle for greater individual freedom that this necessarily entails. You will find this to be true whether you study the overthrow of kings by their former subjects, the fights for religious freedom or to end slavery, the women’s movement or today’s movement for gay rights. In every case, this starts out and an expansion of individual consciousness that then leads inevitably to changes in personal, social and institutional relationships. A self-aware person will not give blind obedience to a king, be a slave or be denied the rights given to others.

It has been a while since we marched in the streets, but the development of your/our conscious awareness is taking place today at a pace that would make your ancestor’s heads spin. I have written about some of the impacts on society (see accompanying article – What’s Happening?), but I want to address what your personal experience might be like.

First, for a time, you are likely to go through a rough patch. Today most humans feel unworthy and inadequate. Their lives are dominated by fear. The underlying beliefs that drive these feelings are not true, but as long as they are held, they conflict with Universal Truth. They have always been in conflict with it, but the intensity of that conflict will escalate considerably with the increasingly intense waves of change already coursing through the planet. So, the transition from your present beliefs to living from the truth is likely to be bumpy for a while.

The outcome of these changes will be marked by two significant shifts in consciousness. First you will come to realize (and accept) that you cannot be harmed. You may not like what is happening, but you will also come to know that nothing can harm you. The fear of being hurt is the source of a great deal of the emotional stress and pain we experience today. This shift will lead to a far greater peace of mind as you will be able to stand firmly in the world, safe from criticism, condemnation and self-doubt. You will no longer have to scurry around like a scared mouse, frightened of shadows.

The second major shift will be that you will come to deeply know God’s love. And that means coming to accept that you are lovable. At the present, most people feel somewhat inadequate and unworthy. Because of that, we close ourselves to the Creator’s compassion. To accept that level of compassion, we will have to leave our feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness behind. The implications of that for us as individuals and for the society as a whole, are simply awesome!

It is not possible to address all the implications of these changes, because they affect everything we do, but think for a moment about how life might be if you and everyone around you began to operate from compassion and fearlessness instead of fear and anxiety! The implications simply boggle the imagination, and I want to address some of those.

People today, as much as we might dislike it, are largely emotionally closed off. We don’t show our pain, we hide our true feelings. White, anglo society, after all we’ve been through, is still pretty uptight. It is nothing like it used to be, but still . . . If you want to see this in action, compare the interactions of children to those of adults.

Let’s look at personal relationships. Consider how your interpersonal relationships would change when everyone is honest, open and candid about their real feelings! Consider an interaction of total honesty and real compassion between you and a friend. No judgment, no fear, complete loving honesty. How different would that be from the way things are today? How good would it feel? How freeing would it be?

Consider what a partnership would be like built on complete trust and honesty – no games, no manipulation, just the truth. Can you imagine how that would change marriages, dating and friendships? Honesty can be jarring when you live in fear, but when both of you come from truth and compassion, it is an enlightening experience.

The first reaction people usually have to being open is to fear their own exposure and vulnerability, but by this time you would already be beyond that. During the rough patch I speak of, you’ll have to come out from behind the protection of your fear. And although that may be difficult, think of the time and energy you will save having real conversations instead of the shallow interrelating we do today as we dance around ego-driven agendas. I experience some refreshingly honest communication on my occasional visits to hospital cancer wards. These people are dying and they know it. They have no time or energy for social bullshit. Wouldn’t it feel great to have someone like that in your corner? How would it feel to receive advice from someone who had no agenda, no manipulation and had only your best interests at heart?

Quite possibly the greatest change in this whole process will occur within ourselves. We don’t think much of ourselves, or in the other extreme, sometimes way too much! In any case, most people are terrible to themselves! They beat themselves up for their mistakes and crucify themselves for their “failures and shortcomings.” I have had clients who were still beating themselves up for things that had happened forty and fifty years ago! There is a good deal more to be said about this (for a more complete discussion, please see Healing The Shadow – books order page), but in this context, I have to include the consequences of stress such as heart attacks, cancer, stroke, arthritis, etc. The upside is that learning to love ourselves will bring us immeasurable peace and contentment.

Because we would no longer operate from fear, and would feel safe and loved, our hearts would naturally open to our fellow beings. Instead of an “I” space driven by fear and feelings of lack, we will naturally shift to a “We” space, marked by compassion and inclusiveness. As a society, we might begin to show compassion for the troubled and underprivileged. Parents could begin to give their children the unconditional love that all children crave and deserve. That one change all by itself could move the entire process of human evolution forward by light years.

Think about what it would be like to buy things made by people who really enjoyed making them and having things fixed by repairmen who really cared about their work.

The rough patch I speak of will consist of a shakeout as people deal with their inner fear and start to get honest with themselves and with each other about their real feelings. Most of our relationships, especially our family ones, exist on a certain level of dishonesty. Many families are sweltering swamps of unresolved personal pain. So, there will be a difficult period of adjustment, but when the dust settles, the net gain will be overwhelmingly positive.

Our present social structure is dominated by the egocentric “I.” Our decision making is male dominated and hierarchical, property ownership and wealth are individual matters and our society is class and difference based. All of that will become passé, but probably not without a struggle. The privileged in the culture are not likely to give up their positions of power without a struggle, but it is not difficult to envision a transition to public or employee owned companies, consumer goods made for real needs and industries sensitive to their environmental impacts. The disadvantaged in society will finally have the opportunity to share in the abundance that is today held by the privileged few.

Corporations have already begun to shift to consensus based management. Government, to the extent that will still be needed, may well follow suit. Think about how things will change if people aren’t running around protecting their egos, afraid to be hurt! Crime might disappear. Politicians would be honest. Can you imagine what that will do to the car business! Consider the enormous social loss in society from drug and alcohol abuse. What if these people started to feel really good about themselves?

When we feel connected to others, it is far more difficult to drop bombs on them. So we can expect to see significant emphasis on negotiation and mutual problem solving. This will mean that the vast sums of wealth presently sucked out of the society by the military can finally be put to productive use.

Skeptics will see all this as pie in the sky, but is it? Not really. The forces driving these changes are already well in hand. A while ago they were only on the horizon, but today you can hardly look at any part of society and not find a place where the old values are not being seriously challenged. Politics? The military? Education? Women’s rights? Gay rights? The family? Religion? GMO’s and processed food? Health care? International relations? Marriage? Global warming? Legalized marijuana and the “War on Drugs”? Assisted suicide? But the most profound shifts taking place are in the ways we are learning to relate to one another.

What is uncertain is not if changes will occur. The real question is about when and how the transition will take place. The long term future is already established, but the resistance from the entrenched interests will determine the shape and tenor of the short term future. We have already seen the power of the established interests to strangle Global Warming efforts, but it will be much more difficult to pillage and destroy God’s environment when we each of us feels an inherent personal connection to it. Besides, Mother Nature is going to come knocking at the door, demanding that we change whether we like it or not!

An interesting contributing factor to all these changes is the role that technology is playing. The old world was based in secrets and manipulation. That is the basis of “power over” that has been the defining quality for most of human history. During that period, lying and manipulation were standard parts of a leader’s repertoire. Today, because of the internet and services like Twitter and Facebook, people of like minds can easily connect with one another. As a result, manipulation doesn’t work like it used to and secrets are rapidly becoming things of the past. In response dictatorial leaders in the Middle East, Russia and China are trying to strangle the internet, and although they may have temporary success, it’s a bit like trying to hold back the tide.

Will things happen exactly as I predict? Of course not. But the general thrust of the changes is becoming clear. You can be confident that the changes will be built on these concepts.

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