Finding Inner Peace


Finding Inner Peace
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Here’s what others have said:

“In his newest contribution Ross brings us 150 some pages of love, light, and wisdom in his usual storytelling way that instantly produces warmth and comfort. It is one thing to receive enlightened information and it is quite another to feel it deep in your bones. I found the topics so apt and necessary to today’s lessons. He puts his heart and soul in every word and it resounds deeply within me. 
It’s kinda funny, about a month ago I prayed to God to help me know what I needed so I could do more of his will, and in a very short amount of time came an invitation from Ross to review his new darling. It goes without saying that 
this sweet and steady wake up call was just what I needed. I would recommend this great shepherd to anyone who needs some extra help along the way. This one has easily made it into my spiritual toolbox to grab at a moments notice. 
Thanks Ross, for being there when I needed ya.” 

Love & Light,
Riki Frahmann

One of the core messages the shaman brings to the world is that “you are already whole, you just need to remember”. Shaman Ross Bishop has been carrying this message for over 40 years through his teachings, books and shamanic healing sessions. In our current challenging times, it gets harder to ‘remember’; and yet, we are being called to awaken to ourselves and our world. Ross’ latest release, Finding Inner Peace, offers the reader a map to understanding themselves and life from a deeply spiritual perspective. As always, Ross weaves together esoteric wisdom from many traditions in a way that shines a light on the path toward healing and awakening. Whether beginning your journey as a ‘seeker’ or finding yourself on the next leg of your path, this book opens the doors into issues and topics that need to be explored and resolved to find inner peace. Embedded with beautiful images, quotes and simple self-guided practices, this amazing book transmits universal wisdom and spiritual guidance from a master teacher to whomever holds it in their hands!

Beth Terrence

Do not go through the 2020’s without Ross Bishop’s new book.  He is a gifted writer and shaman of the highest degree.  His insights and gentle guidance helped me and my husband through the 20teens.

Much Appreciated
Ross-Rachel Ransbarger