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Healing The Shadow is about helping people heal their inner woundedness and step into the light. It brings into a modern context thousands of years of shamanic healing practice. Already one of the classics of modern shamanism, this second edition with an additional 130 pages, promises to be an even more effective resource. Healing The Shadow doesn’t promise enlightenment, but it will show you how to get there. For thousands of years tribal shaman have helped people deal with the limitations that keep them from enjoying life. In this book, Ross Bishop brings these ancient healing methods to you so you can use them to advance your spiritual growth. While many books make promises, this one delivers. Healing The Shadow is the kind of book you reach for when you need something more to move you to a new spiritual place. Easy to follow and yet spiritually profound, Healing The Shadow has already brought spiritual peace and a more peaceful life to many people, and this second edition promises to do even more. As one spiritual seeker wrote, “This is the book that helped me heal a lifetime of pain.” Here is what others have said:

“Healing The Shadow is the most life changing book I have ever read! . . .it has liberated me to live in passion and truly embrace life. . . “

“I have been able to reclaim my essential passion and wholeness. This is the book that changed my life! It is not easy work. . . It is worthwhile work.”

“The Shadow is my Bible. I keep Shadow on my bedstead. I read a little each night before I go to sleep.”

“I met Ross and hoped his book would give me some clue as to how he had gotten to where he was. I am pleased to say, it did!“

“An exploration and explanation of the whole self: as simple to read as are the truths presented.”

“Reading this book makes me want to wake up and be in more awareness in my life.” “This book enters dreams, leaving smiles in the shadow.”

An excellent catalyst to the work of serious soul growth.

Calling upon a wide range of sources within the perennial wisdom tradition, and a personal journey of great depth, Ross Bishop invites us to meet face to face with the inner demons that block our path. While most books of this genre offer quick and deceptively easy pathways into the light, Bishop courageously asks the much harder question of how to deal with darkness – what to do with our internal resistance, the self-sabotaging mechanisms that derail us, and the wounded inner child, frozen by fear, that keeps us from moving forward despite our best intentions. The book is filled with insight, as well as practical suggestions tested in over 20 years of work with private clientele. But it is not for those simply looking for a comfortable new age read, for it ultimately demands putting the book down and actually doing the work. If you are serious about moving forward with your life, however, this book will become a treasured dog- eared ally.

  Facing the “Beast”

Bishop’s book is a very valuable and inspirational book for any one wishing to heal their inner child. Bishop is an experienced shaman who writes from his own experiences as well as other case studies. The reading material is easy to follow as well as pleasant to read. Bishop leads the reader into learning how to recognize and even accept the “Beast” within. He explains how the “Beast” is manifested by the inner child and gives easy to follow steps on how to communicate with the “Beast”. He explains that once the “Beast” is heard, blockages can be removed and healing can occur.

This book is both enlightening and healing. Without a doubt, it deserves 5 stars!

  Practical healing that really works!

I have searched a long time to find a way to heal my emotional wounds. While psychology is helpful, it does not address the depth of my spirit. Spiritual truths are inspirational, but how do I apply them to my life?

Bishop has done a wonderful job of helping me understand why my life is the way that it is and offers practical tools to change it. His insights and exercises are so simple yet powerful. I would call them       revolutionary. My life has changed as a result and I am forever grateful.

As you have already guessed, I heartily recommend this book for anyone interested in healing themselves or others, or to simply gain valuable insight into the human mind.

  Shamanism meets psychology

Ross Bishop melds shamanic practice with deep psychological insight in this book, more successfully than others I’ve read. Interestingly I’d just finished Firestone’s The Fantasy Bond, which is psych theory, and Bishop was saying much the same things, and better (for laymen). The journey exercises are well described and they do work! While much shamanic work involves dealing with our issues purely symbolically – or in detail via recapping or such – Ross’ method merges the symbolic with memory recapping, something I’ve found effective. A great bonus is the list of books he likes, like an expanded Amazon listmania list!

  The Healing Journey

Are you ready to heal the past and embrace the present moment. If you are, Ross Bishop’s “Healing the Shadow”, is here for you. I am fortunate to have found this book because it gave me the tools I needed to face my frightened, angry, guilty inner child and start my life anew. My transformation has been noted by many, but most importantly my teenage son. He has told me many times how much he likes me now and what a great mother I am!!! Healing my shadows has brought such peace into my life, it is what I wish for everyone. Thank you Ross.

  A superb book!

In Healing The Shadow, Ross Bishop gives a step-by-step process for self-healing, along with a clear explanation of those forces which prevent us from realizing our potential. This book is a valuable tool for self-realization as well as a means to understanding our contemporary world. Don’t just read this book, use it.

  Where have you been all my life?

My first reaction upon opening this precious find and reading the first 40 pages or so was ,”where have you been all my life?” Done in his laid back informal magnanimous style, the author brought me a gentle, easy   and calming non-judgmental way to look at myself. I felt safe and could understand what happened to not just me, but to us, the dilemma and how to move forward to fix it.

Through honest truths and helpful suggestions I was able to see where I am, what I need to do and how to get there. Ross has always held a soft place in my heart and I am grateful he has come forward again with this much needed message. I would recommend this timely teacher to anyone wanting help, and I do mean exceptional help along their spiritual journey. Thanks Ross, for gloriously sharing your passion with the    rest of us, yet again.

Cuts to the heart of the matter

I read Ross Bishop’s books slowly and allow myself to digest his deep wisdom. I recommend all of his books for those who are ready to truely examine their lives and let go what isn’t working anymore.