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Journey To Enlightenment
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Enlightenment may not be as unreachable as you think. Author and shaman Ross Bishop writes: Life is not about becoming something different than you already are. Life is about finding out that it s safe to let go of what you re not – of all the protective things you cling to that hold you back. You are already the magnificent being you are becoming. The evolution is in your consciousness. Your learning the truth is the crux of the transformational process called enlightenment. The difficulty comes in letting go of your limiting beliefs, so that you can be free to be who you truly are. Most of us are afraid that if we let go of who we think we are, we will be left naked and alone out in the cold. In Journey to Enlightenment, Bishop provides a most insightful perspective on why things in life happen as they do and what you can do about them. He explains why you created your beliefs, how they get in your way and more importantly, he offers effective techniques for healing the hurt that lies beneath them, including a clearly explained, and easily presented, version of the ancient shamanic journey process, to help you move closer to enlightenment. Ross discusses a host of other topics including an interesting perspective on why it is difficult to change, living in the God Space, dealing with entities, The Misunderstanding, past lives and an entire chapter on learning to work with the power of gratitude.

Insightful Enlightenment at it’s Best

This 248 page journey into self love was a great treat to review. The format was easy to follow and I fell totally in love with the author’s compassionate down to earth style. It was so comfortable it was like sitting with my best friend and mentor discussing the road map to enlightenment over a cup of tea. I was energized and comforted all at the same time.

The book touched on many areas that I have found sticking points through out my life and then proceeded through personal stories and great insights to give me a way out of my pain and the blocks that have held me back for so long. There was a meditation that really helped me get more in touch with my spiritual self and I was amazed how simple it was to accomplish. I would recommend this awesome teacher to anyone serious about reaching to the light in a more focused and supported way. Thanks Ross, your blessed contributions have helped many.

The Journey is Worth It!

We are all on this journey, even though many of us don’t (yet) know it. Ross Bishop opens the way to understanding where our beliefs were born, how they manifest and where we can choose to take them. This book lovingly, yet firmly, takes the reader by the hand into the self, wherein the power lies. Allow yourself the freedom to embark on this journey, as you will be amazed at what you discover. My trip has uncovered some remarkable truths.

Journey Worth Taking

Shaman Ross Bishop reminds us that we are here (in this physical world) for a reason, and that reason is to further develop our spiritual awareness and growth. Along our path, journeys, we all need/have teachers who enhance our spirituality…Bishop is such a teacher and Journey to Enlightenment is the tool. Through this book, you’ll learn to face and release the deeper issues that are holding you back, allowing you to free yourself and move forward on your path. If you’re willing to do the work and face the issues, the benefits from doing so will be evident. As with all of Bishop’s books, he touches (and teaches) his readers through easy to relate to metaphors, real life examples, and most of all – compassion. I’m already looking forward to his next book.

Be All You Can Be

Journey to Enlightenment by Ross Bishop is a book that will make you take a look at yourself and just where you are in the world today. It compels you to examine yourself with a positive view and places you in a position of encouragement to be all you can be.

Ross Bishop is a Shaman and writes from his experience of self motivation to where he is today and his role as a healer.

A Resource For Your Journey!

According to Shaman Ross Bishop, “Enlightenment may not be as unreachable as you think.” In his important book, Journey to Enlightenment, Bishop provides readers with a new way to view their life experiences as well as recommendations to reconnect with “God space.” Readers are given concrete techniques for addressing “obstacles” on the path to enlightenment. Bishop encourages readers to live a life of compassion rather than fear and encourages readers to make their spiritual growth the most important thing in their lives. Bishop presents 13 core principles as a guide to finding one’s way to the Divine. Among these principles are: Love everything or it will become a lesson. Bishop also provides specific exercise to work and heal the inner child as well as information about healing ritual with the Shamanic Journey Process. The book is a fantastic resource readers are sure to refer to as they advance on their pathway to enlightenment.

This book is truly amazing

I am one of those people who has been on a spiritual/self-help journey for many, many, years. In addition, I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology and have been working as a healer for others for an even longer amount of time. This book is the best I have found in terms of combining the concepts of spirituality with the true, “research-proven” facts and theories of human personality development and social-emotional functioning. This is not about quick fixes (which might annoy some seekers, as I imagine it would have annoyed me 5-10 years ago), it is about truly understanding the origins of your pain, as well as helping you take loving actions that facilitate your evolution back to the true YOU. And the True You is a blissful, peaceful, and truly loving, being.


Ross Bishop has been there and back again. He’s taken the hits, wound up in the ditches, and seen the high side, all for a price: to find his way along the path. In his case a path that led him to discover that he is a natural healer, a shaman.

To our good fortune he is also one of those compassionate beings that realizes that spreading the word of what he learned helps us all and the planet we so precariously live on. Ross has a knack for explaining things, always a helpful attribute. Our Universe is complex, a gazillion learning experiences happening simultaneously, all guiding us along our path. We sometimes need help along this path and Journey To Enlightenment can fill this need.

A wealth of information is offered to us in this book. Some of it the kind one must go over several times to ingest. I noticed right from the start that this is going to become an importance reference book in a lot of people’s lives. To his benefit, Ross has endowed this book with an easy to follow format: principles we can gather and begin to assimilate and an index to help us find our way back to particularly meaningful bits.

I am always delighted when authors pull quotes from knowledgeable sources and then expound on them or use them to guide us to an important junction. Ross calls on the likes of Ghandi, Rumi, Ramana Maharshi, Juan Ramon Jimenez, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and Black Elk to name just a few. He uses stories where they do a particularly good job of illustrating his point. The best of these being Steve Job’s infamous, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” commencement address at Stanford.

So, where can this book take it’s readers? Pretty much anywhere you want to go, but most importantly to find what Bishop calls the God Space. The work involved is not easy, and it will take time. But as you work thru his suggestions and exercises dealing with your inner child, entities that may have attached themselves to you or past lives that need to be visited you will little by little, or in astonishing leaps find your way. Remember, as Principle No. One states LOVE EVERYTHING. Just imagine how far that could take you towards your own personal God Space.

Journey to Enlightenment

This book truly allows you to “see the light.” I was fascinated with Ross’s background with him being in the Advertising field and he is now a Shaman! This is my hope for others to take a look at their journey and figure out if it is the right one for them. He was led kicking and screaming onto his new path, what a way to go!! We should all be so lucky to have his wonderful insites on the how to of this journey of enlightenment. You will not be disappointed with his easy to understand and helpful suggestions to encourage you on your spiritual path. Happy Journeys!

Choose to take the journey…

Journey to Enlightment is simple. What Ross encourages us to do is to open our heart…to everything, to everybody, and most importantly, to ourself. And, instead of posturing, protecting ourselves, and looking for ways to be offended – Ross helps us remember who we are. If we have totally forgotten and have been living out of alignment, he helps direct us in our journey to the truth.

The Thirteen Principles which Ross offers us are not always easy to do,but they are simple. Considering what they open up for us, why would we choose to live life differently?

Thank you, Ross Bishop, for your open heart you share with us.

An Incredible Book!

I was overwhelmed by Ross Bishop’s insights into the human condition. First, he gave a wonderful framework of life’s journey and why we are “given” the difficulties we face. Then, he gave the tools to help us discover the meaning of our journey. A very powerful book! Very readable and engrossing. I am very grateful to Ross Bishop for showing the way through this book.