The End of Days I

Although it only erupts in limited locales today, a great global conflict is taking place between capitalism and socialism. It is not discussed in these terms, it is being positioned as a religious conflict between Christianity and Islam (and Judaism), but that is just political spin doctoring.

The real conflict is about greed versus community and whether spirituality is more important than money, technology and economic power. If you have read the articles on my web site about Islam, you know that the Islamic world has a great many things it needs to change, but commitment to spiritual values is not one of them.

What I find particularly fascinating about this is that the Mayans predicted it, all of it, thousands of years ago. You have probably read about the Mayan predictions for 2012, but there has been a good deal of confusion and misunderstanding about that.

First, don’t be overly concerned with specific dates. These are great sweeping transitions that build momentum over time and eventually grab our attention. These are not specific events like 9/11 or the earthquakes in China. Someone doesn’t flip a switch and we suddenly swing from one age to another. It only feels that way if you haven’t been paying attention. We note the high water mark of a flood, but the water will have been rising for some time. In regard to 2012, look around. The water is rising all around you.

Thousands of years before the invention of the telescope, the Mayans new that the earth “wobbled” like a top, swinging its axis through the stars once every 25,625 years. At one point in that “precession” the center of the Mayan world aligned with the center of the galaxy (The Milky Way). This to the Mayan, symbolized the essential connection with Hunab-Kú, the ‘god of the gods’ and humankind’s cosmic alignment with the great Tree of Life.

Hunab-K’u, the great bulge in the center of the Milky Way, was the place the Maya called the mother womb. To the Maya, resonance with Hunab-Ku designates quantum jumps at critical shift points in the Long Count Calendar. To the Maya, this was the dawn of the “Great Galactic Day” and the beginning of the calendar.

After 25,625 years we are nearing the completion of the Great Galactic Day. At that time the Sun, the earth and important power centers in the Milky Way will all once again, be moving into a special alignment. From a strictly astronomical perspective, the precise alignment is about three days in duration.

The midpoint of the alignment was the winter solstice, December 21, 2012. There is some dispute regarding whether this is the date the Mayan actually predicted, but after almost 27,000 years, the exact day is not of significantconsequence. What is important are the shifts each of us will be asked to make to facilitate the transition to the next age.

The Mayans were great believers in “The Underworld,” which they called Xibalba (pronounced she-bal-ba). Xibalba was the world of magic, the place of obstacles and also of learning. The dark rift at the center of the Milky Way, which we will realign with at the end of the Great Galactic Day, was known to the Maya as Xibalba-Be, or the Road to the Underworld. Xibalba-Be – was the birth canal of the fist mother, the birthplace of life.

According to Mayan mythology, at the end of the Galactic Day, humankind will arrive at the gate of the Galactic Underworld. It is important to understand that to the Maya, their calendars – and they used several, did not prophesy cosmic happenings.  The calendars merely noted, as did the astrological alignments, the natural outcome of things.

Although the Mayans see what is before us as a time of great realization and change, this will not occur because of some external supernatural force. Human nature and the limits of the natural world will determine our future. Our potential destruction and contamination of the planet is going to force a shift in our consciousnesses toward greater concern for all of creation and the planet. The equation is simple, humankind will either change or perish.

Forecasting is possible when you have a trend. As an example, if you had lived in the 1800′s it would not have been terribly difficult to predict the end of slavery and the subjugation of people based on gender, race or ethnicity. But to predict the end of technological domination and pollution of the planet at the time of the Bronze Age in Europe when Hammurabi ruled Babylon and the Twelfth Dynasty was in power in Egypt, is quite something else altogether. That is what the ancient Maya did. It is surreal. They foresaw the time of return to the natural order with remarkable, uncanny accuracy.

According to the Maya, these changes will occur so that humankind will better comprehend how the universe works and leave behind its egocentric fears. This shift in consciousness will allow us to advance, leaving materialism behind and liberating ourselves from fear and suffering.

This will be a transition that will end the need for confrontation. It will bring balance. There will be no need for the hierarchy of superior and inferior. The Maya also predicted our present masculine dominated age by the way, and see the future as a time of fusion of both feminine and masculine energies. They foresaw a period of wisdom, harmony, peace and greatly expanded consciousness. They foresaw a time of return to the “natural” order.

Any transformation means letting go, and the Maya told us that we will have choices to make. Those choices mean that we – you and I – have to make changes. That “we” doesn’t mean everyone except you, it means everyone including you. You have a role to play in the transition. It is why you are here. Things are going to be difficult from time to time, but we can do it if we work together. The question each of us must ask is, “How will I chose to respond to what is being asked of me?”

The end of this great age is a time of transition to new values and new ways of being. To transcend one level of existence and move to another you must let go of the values and beliefs that built the old order, but do not support the new way.

The people in power will seek to keep what they have gained. They will cling to the ways of the old, declining world. They have committed their lives to the accumulation of power and materialism, and they will not want to change. They will lose what they have. Look at history.

The new always has to dislodge the old by force. Consider the Revolutions in England, America, France and Russia. Look at the American Civil War, and how steadfastly the South clung to racism, long after losing a terrible and bloody war. It gives you an idea of how powerful people’s attachment to the old ways can be. It does not have to be that way, but the odds are overwhelmingly in that direction.

Change can be a painful struggle. Think about childbirth! And did you have an easy time growing up? Few people do. The Maya saw that great and difficult changes lie ahead for us. They saw destruction, the loss of things. But they were speaking of the loss of this culture – the one created and sustained by greed, power and manipulation.

From the human perspective, that can present chaos. But if you look at it, the loss is of things that are not really important. The Maya do not foresee the end of THE world, they foresaw the end of THAT world. And I want to be clear, the transition from one age to another, from the human perspective, can be a time of considerable destruction and conflict.

I refer you again to the many difficult events that brought the end to slavery. It was a gut wrenching, brutal process that went on for over a century and cost many lives and brought a great deal of pain to those who resisted the process, which they then often visited upon Black people. Was it worth it all to give freedom and rights to minorities? Absolutely. The legacy of that struggle led to equal rights for women and greater rights for workers and it is leading to equal rights for gay people today. And someday, it will lead to animal rights as well. Was it worth it? I think so.

In this context, the most powerful analogy for Christians to consider is Jesus’ crucifixion. Jesus had to make the ultimate human sacrifice in order to transcend this world and be reborn into the next. He had to be willing, if necessary, to sacrifice “everything.”

It is a powerful message about change. But, and this is what we need to keep in mind, what did he really sacrifice? In the process toward enlightenment we are asked to “give up” the things we are attached to that are of this world. We are never asked to give up anything eternal. We cannot give that up anyway.

Yes, Christ sacrificed his life. He could easily have left Jerusalem and avoided crucifixion, but he knew that the conflict with the rigid Jewish hierarchy was inevitable. He also knew that from the perspective of the eternal realm, His sacrifice was insignificant. All he was giving up was his body. The pain and suffering He experienced died when it did. I do not mean to seem insensitive, but from an eternal perspective, it was a small price to pay for what was accomplished.

If it had been important for Jesus to come back in physical form, he would have. What was the real loss? The difference, what allowed Him to do what was necessary, was that he knew the larger truth of the situation. He knew what was really happening.

Had Jesus clung to life and fought the inevitable, he would have made his situation intolerable. That unfortunately is what many people do.

So, we come to what are you hanging on to? Is it the idea that this is all there is? Do you fear that if you let go of what little you have that there will be nothing more? Do you deserve to be treated like dirt? My friend, if you could only see the truth. . . .

Do not lose sight of the coming dawn that brings the birth of a new era of incredible light. That dawn will come for you when you release the negative and limiting beliefs you hold and quit beating up on yourself. I know how easy that is to say, and how difficult it can be to do. But it can be done. Using the shamanic journey process, we help people make that transition every day.

The dark side works to block our making changes by using fear and attachment to things like power and materialism. The dark power that is within you or in the world for that matter, cannot be overcome by force. It is too strong for that. The darkness can only be transcended through compassion. That is why Christ urged Christians to avoid the sword and “turn the other cheek.”

Consider what might have happened in Afghanistan if we had built schools, hospitals and roads instead of going after the Taliban with the bombs, guns and drones. Each Taliban fighter we have killed has probably cost us at least a million dollars and created five others. You cannot defeat zealots dedicated to terrorism. You can however, make their cause and their methods irrelevant by warring economically on them.

I would like to close with a few interesting bits from the Mayan prophecies that may help you to see how truly incredible these people were.

The Maya used several interrelated calendars. The calendar I have spoken about so far is the Long Count calendar. Another calendar used “bakun,” 400-year periods which had their own (related) prophecies. We are currently in bakun13 (1618 to 2012 A.D). Thirteen was a very important number to the Maya.

More than 2000 years ago, the Maya shaman described our present bakun13 as the “Triumph of Materialism,” a time when mankind would turn away from nature and harm the earth.

There are even smaller subdivisions of the Mayan calendar, 20-year periods called “Katún.” With the previous Mayan calendar coming to a close, we are also completing the last of the katúns. Katún13 began in 1992. Katun13 is associated with total collapse, the judgment of the gods, terrible epidemics and governments lost. Two earlier occurrences of katun13 were in 1519, when Cortez’s arrived in the New World, and 1776. You know what happened then.

During katún13, the Mayans believe humankind will enter a time of darkness that will force us to confront our own conduct. They call it ‘The Sacred Hall of Mirrors,’ where we will look at what we are doing – in relation to ourselves, to others, with nature and the planet. According to the Maya, it is a time when each of us will eliminate fear and lack of respect from our various relationships.

Consider the accuracy of some of the other Mayan katún prophesies: During katún5, the Maya predict that rulers and subjects will separate, and leaders will be killed. One katún5 cycle saw the American Civil War and the assassination of President Lincoln. This katún is also associated with famine, and its most recent occurrence marked the famine that decimated Ethiopia in the 1970s and 1980s.

Katún8, brings cultural breakdown and social problems, demolition and destruction of governments. It marked the fall of the last Maya Empire in 1690, the Vietnam War and the assassinations of Martin Luther King and President Kennedy.

According to the Mayan calendar, a very important event took place at the beginning of the Fifth Night in the Galactic Underworld – the recent economic collapse. Throughout cosmic history, the Fifth Night has been the time when old orders have been destroyed. The great depression of 1932 also occurred on the Fifth Night.

Prophesying was an important part of many tribal traditions. If you are interested, there is a large article about the Hopi prophesies elsewhere on this site.

There is a great deal of information available about the Mayan calendar. Unfortunately much of it is of questionable authenticity. If you want to learn more, a good place to start is a series of videos put together by the National Geographic:

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