Making Life Make Sense.

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Life. It confuses, perplexes and confounds. Many people have written about it, few have offered explanations. In TRUTH, Shaman Ross Bishop offers a unique perspective of life that differs significantly from our normal understanding of it. Bishop provides insight into why life is the way it is and offers some groundbreaking insights into how we might live “fearlessly and passionately.”

Bishop says, “Life can been viewed from many perspectives, and our present view is based upon the antiquated values of the age of conquest. Those old beliefs and values have simply outlived their usefulness. They inhibit our growth and development both as individuals and as a society.”

The Age of Conquest was part of The Age of Karma, a 20,000 year period that has covered much of the period of man’s social existence. During The Age of Karma, certain aspects of spiritual development, like enlightenment, were virtually impossible. We are entering a 50 year period that will be known as The Age of Awakening, and the rules regarding what is possible will be changing.

The Age of Awakening will encourage us to find different and more profound ways to be and that involves learning to live from the place of truth. Learning to live from truth powerfully changes how we see and feel about ourselves and how we deal with life.

Shaman Bishop says, “True inner peace can only be found by shifting perspectives and moving ourselves to the space of truth. You cannot eliminate emotion if you are in the ego space. Take an emotion like fear, for example. Fear arises because we feel separated from our natural selves – from our God-consciousness. Living in the ego-space, we do our best to confront fear, but from the ego, you can only minimize emotion, you cannot eliminate it. We end up failing and then feel worse about ourselves. That,” says Bishop, “is a major flaw in our or present understanding of life.”

“Using the fear example, if you shift to your center to the space of Universal Truth, you realize that psychological fear is a created phenomenon made to fill the space of perceived separation from the Creator. Once you return to the God-space, fear simply ceases to exist, it is no longer relevant.” This is an example of the essential message contained in TRUTH. One of the book’s secrets is that it shows the individual how to move past the ego and live in the God-space.

The God-space is not some esoteric, spiritual practice known only to shaman. The concepts are quite simple and have been with us for quite some time. Bishop points out that, “For thousands of years spiritual teachers of all kinds have urged us to do one simply thing – to open our hearts to ourselves and to each other. Whether you read the Bible, the Torah, the Bhagavad-Ghita, Buddha’s Sutras or the Koran, there is basically one message contained there: ‘Open your heart.” Bishop points out that, “All any situation needs is more compassion. Whether it is an argument with your partner, being angry with yourself or the situation in Iraq, the whole world would be enormously better off if we would simply open our hearts to each other, but more especially to ourselves.”

The problem is that we have all been hurt and opening the heart can be difficult. TRUTH has been written to help address the problem of holding the God-space. “I get asked all the time abut how to hold the God-space,” says Bishop. “Actually what you have to do is to learn to stop not loving yourself. After that, nature takes care of everything else. I have included a number of useful tools for doing that in TRUTH.”

TRUTH is Timeless

TRUTH is the most concise and powerful statement about why we are here, and what to do about it now that we are here. This magnificent quide is essential for those in the healing arts, as well as for those newely awakened to conscious awareness.

Ross Bishop’s many years of experience exploring consciousness and methods of healing fill the pages of TRUTH with profound insight after insight. He reveals why, after all the therapy and growth seminars and dedicated spiritual practices that we have done, we have felt so little progress toward enlightenment. The author also lays out an impressive understanding of the historic context for the backdrop of our struggle, and essentially guides us to the wisdom that we are embarking upon a new era of astonishing transformation. There are techniques simply explained for participating in the new way of working with one’s evolving consciousness and plenty of loving reassurance for continuing one’s quest for healing and enlightenment.

As a healing arts professional, the impact of Ross Bishop’s work has been profound and life- altering. I use the many layers of TRUTH to work with clients, and deepen the healing experience. I can say, after reading TRUTH, your life will not be the same! Here’s what others have said:

Buy it!

This author is phenomenal! I feel genuinely helped and given clear directions for what to do to be my own healer and take care of myself first.

Good man

Somethings were new to me. Overall very much in sync with this man. Love his truth.