Dark Energy

by Ross Bishop

There is a good deal of confusion and misunderstanding about dark energy. First off, it is a complicated and confusing subject. But if you’ll bear with me, I will try and clear away some of the fog.

Dark energy is a pernicious, malevolent force that at first glance, seems to be external to us. Now that is not entirely untrue, and that’s where some of the confusion comes in. Dark energy surrounds us, looking for any opportunity or opening to come in. You might think of a boat sailing on an ocean of darkness. Normally things are fine, but punch a hole in the hull and the boat will fill with darkness and sink into the depths.

Access to the dark energies is controlled by what psychologists call the subconscious and we refer to as the inner child. You, like most people, think you are in control of your life. You are not. You get to decide where you are going to go for dinner and how to balance your checkbook, but when it comes to an emotionally charged situation, she takes over. And she most likely doesn’t share your view of things. 

If she was abused, rejected or neglected, she is very likely sitting on some powerful feelings about what happened and those experiences will also have generated negative images about herself. But because we are not always aware of what’s going on with our inner one, we do not always understand our own reactions. But if someone does something really bad to you, somewhere inside will be a desire to rip them to pieces. And remember, we are dealing with an all powerful inner child who doesn’t have the self control you have learned as an adult.

We don’t like to acknowledge or admit to our darkest thoughts, it’s like they are not real to us. You probably keep a lid on your feelings because after all, they are painful and unpleasant, but it costs you to isolate yourself from her. A lot of people do that, and it’s a big mistake!

If she feels scared and vulnerable she’s going to seek protection from whatever source she can. And if she doesn’t feel that you will be there to protect her, it’s entity time! And the entity is always around, promising to take care of her, to protect her, to keep her safe. Now having said that if, when pushed, you move to forgiveness, you have already learned the lesson the darkness is here to teach you, but I get ahead of myself.

As with all spiritual subjects, we have the choice of getting lost in the emotion and spin in those feelings forever or grow from the experience. For example you can be consumed by grief, fear or self-doubt, and hide out behind those feelings for the rest of your life. Or, you can use what The Universe has presented you as a learning opportunity and move through the experience and grow from it. 

But unlike emotions like anger or fear, working with the dark energies can be tricky. Unlike other entities, the darkness has a consciousness of it’s own, and once she lets it in, it has a way of taking over. And if you get lost in the maelstrom, it can really be destructive to you and to those around you. You become the menacing ogre written about in fairy tales. Think of an emotion on steroids. And if you allow the darkness to take over, there will be hell to pay. Think about where that phrase comes from!

I don’t want to sound like a self-serving commercial, but in my experience there are very few people who can deal with negative energies on their own. These are big energies, they are tricky and once allowed in, they mess with your subconscious. When I was at that point in my life, I certainly could not have dealt with the dark forces on my own!

The best way to deal with this dilemma is to enlist the help of a good and properly trained shaman. Dealing with dark energies is a part of what we do. And, I don’t mean to find someone who has just taken a few weekend workshops! Find an experienced, competent shaman. Getting out from under the burden of dark energies will be the best thing you could do for yourself. 

A final word about protection – I get asked about this a lot. Consider that the basic dynamic you are dealing with is that she has made an agreement with an entity for protection. It’s an inside job! If you go in there and remove the entity, you make her vulnerable to something she already does not feel competent to handle. And in doing so, you become the embodiment of what she fears. You become the very enemy she is trying to protect herself from. What you need in this situation is a peace treaty, not a civil war. And remember, you are on the short end of this thing – she has all your power! When she gains confidence in your willingness and ability to protect her, she will simply let the entity go.

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