The Loss of Spirituality

The Loss of Spirituality

In ancient Greece the balance of the natural order was represented by the Arcadian nymph Nicostrate or Themis. She personified not only earthly unity, but also the intrinsic balance of the great universe itself. You have no doubt seen her image with the balancing scales because it has been adopted by our legal profession. It was Themis’ statueRead more


by Ross Bishop People are curious about Shamanism. Although the term is becoming more widely recognized, there is still confusion about exactly what it is. Shamanism is not a cultural or religious phenomenon. It reaches beyond acculturation into the core of the individual regardless of a person’s background, culture, training or beliefs.  No country or culture has aRead more

The Shadow

Of all the problems we face, few are more painful or difficult than those presented by the human shadow. Whether beating up on ourselves or taking our frustrations out on others, the shadow is the source of the most difficult challenges we face. Ranging from meanness and greed to rage-driven behaviors like murder or sexual abuse, the havocRead more