Do The Right Thing

We make life complicated, but in concept it is remarkably simple, although in practice things can get complicated. The simple truth is that in every moment The Universe presents you with two choices:


If you “do the right thing,” you move closer to living from the God Space and bring your life and that of the people around you into greater peace and harmony. “Doing the right thing” means moving from dissonance into harmony, replacing fear with compassion. It means living in accordance with God’s teachings instead of living from your ego. 

Somehow, I think that if God had given Moses just one commandment: “Do the right thing” instead of all those legalistic rules, things might have gone better for us over the millennia. Because really, that’s what The Ten Commandments, the Old Testament, The Quran, The Bhagavad Gita, Lao Tsu’s and Christ’s teachings are really about!

When you don’t do the right thing, you feed the disharmony and dissonance in the universe. Ultimately, you feel worse, and you make life more difficult for everyone. But, you do get to slide by in the moment, and that is a big part of the problem.

Doing the right thing means taking a risk. It means being compassionate, caring, being understanding, accepting others imperfections when they hurt us. It means forgiving and loving unconditionally. It means taking the risk that we might be hurt again. Not being loving erects a psychological barrier between us and them. It gives us a sense of protection. It does not matter whether it is real protection or not, it feels like it.

We can argue about subtleties, but when all is said and done, every life situation comes down to two simple choices. You either respond from compassion or you hold back. You either do the right thing, or you do not. It is that simple. Now, I know it’s not that simple to do. You get scared and angry and your fear of being hurt closes down your natural compassion.

Perhaps you can find the presence of mind to stop and realize that you are being triggered. That your response is old, and that it doesn’t really come from this situation. It would help you to recognize that your feelings are coming from deep within you. Your reaction has to do with your inner turmoil. It only superficially relates with this person or the situation. When you do that, it becomes much easier to be compassionate.

You’re still not going to like what has happened, but will help you to not dump all over them for what you are feeling. The point is, you can choose to be compassionate or not. It is always a choice. So as a first step:


If you have to push yourself, do it. Set aside the resentment and the pain (which are in you – not the situation) and find your compassion. Hold compassion for who they are. Love them because they too, are children of God. They may be completely lost and totally off track, but they are still traveling the same road you are. In this instance what they need is your love, not your condemnation.

(from my new book Finding Inner Peace)

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