Having Blue Hair

Consider this: what if I tell you that your hair is blue? Unless you have a nose ring and your tongue is pierced, your hair is probably not blue and you know it. So it’s no big deal. You know the truth, and what I say, being clearly wrong, is irrelevant. 

But what if I were to say, “You are not worthy,” or “You are inept or insensitive?” That’s harder to walk away from, isn’t it? Why? It’s not that what I say matters. But the fact that I am judging you is important, because it correlates with how you already judge yourself. It hurts because you have already concluded that you are not worthy. My words resonate with what you believe might really be true.

If you already feel inadequate, then when I call you a name, it sticks! In essence, you have created a “sticky place” for my words to attach to. And my words fly to you like arrows and IT HURTS! But if you are not so predisposed, my words are just vibrations in the air.


Now before you spin off into, “Here’s another reason why I’m not good enough,” there is something very important that I want you to consider:

You will accept, I am sure, that there is too much ego running your life. You do not spend as much time in the God-space as you might. You do not really love yourself and are probably not as loving as you would like to be with the people in your life. What is the Universe to do about that? It just cannot sit idly by and let you run off down the road. It is obliged to help you to see what you are doing and to urge you to change.

How do we make you aware that you do not love yourself? We stick you with a pin. That pin is called a hurtful comment or gesture from a friend, a slight from a lover or partner, an unkind or insensitive word from a co-worker. Now for the moment, I am going to ignore the content of what they say, because for our purposes it’s not important. You will either accept their criticism and make changes or disagree. So, I am going to separate content from process, because what is really important is what you do with the “slight” that you have received.

I want to encourage you to see that this is The Universe’s way of showing you that there is an unresolved place within you. The Universe has created a “mirror” – other people – to reflect back to you (to make you aware of) the places where you do not love yourself.

So, when someone takes a verbal shot at you and it sticks, try and step out of the moment and recognize that an important learning opportunity is at hand. After you finish nuking your partner, friend or child for hurting your feelings, recognize that you are being asked to look at a place where you do not love yourself. Now the other person may be acting like a complete jerk, but if what they said stung, then something is happening inside you.

And here’s the key: if you did love yourself, you wouldn’t have reacted! You probably wouldn’t like what had happened, but like the blue hair comment, it would roll off you like water off a duck, because you would already know the truth. 

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