Life – A Short Summary

I get questions about the meaning of life, why we are here, that sort of thing. Now, the interesting thing is that no one wants to hear the real truth. They want some “other” answer. Something more “noble” than the real reason we are here.

I’m not very good at creating “other” answers, so I’ll just give you the truth: You are here because you haven’t completed the “love yourself” part of the course.

Many people feel that because they have been sent here, they have been rejected and banished to a remedial colony for the socially deficient. Nothing could be more untrue. There are things you don’t do well yet, but that’s about learning to be unafraid rather than about being defective or incapable.

Conscious of it or not, you are aware of being “kicked out” of heaven. One day you are at peace, rambling around heaven in blissful ignorance and the next thing you know you are forced into this incredibly restrictive physical body, subject to heat and cold and all sorts of pains and ills and diseases without any real explanation as to why this was necessary.

The logical conclusion is that you were found wanting and rejected and sent to earth. But that’s the problem with logic – it stinks. You are being educated. You have not been rejected, you have things to learn.

So, let’s talk a bit about process. Think about a child learning to walk. After a bunch of falls, the child could decide he or she was inadequate and defective and give up trying. Fortunately that doesn’t happen. Seeing everyone else walk around is a great motivator. With encouragement and support, the child keeps trying until he or she gets it. Besides, you can’t get very far in life on your hands and knees.

Well, you’re struggle with self-love is no different, except that when you fall down, they’re isn’t always someone around to pick you up, unless you happen to have special parents or be in a loving and supportive relationship. Absent that, you’re pretty much on your own – unless you happen to be in touch with God. He’s always there.

So, as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers sang and danced to us in Swing Time in 1936, “So, take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. . . “

The benefit is that life does get better. As you learn to love other people (and eventually yourself) you don’t react to life as you do today. You lose your investment in having to defend yourself and live from your ego. Things become much smoother and more peaceful. Life does get better.

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