No Other Gods

There are two great competing forces in The Spiritual Universe – God’s love and your fear. Those two cannot exist simultaneously. This is a continuum with pure egotism (fear) at one end and the God Space – love and compassion, at the other. You fall someplace on that scale. At one end you are either with God and feel safe and protected and therefore trust The Universe or live in fear and must control things through efforting. In order to manage the latter process, you created your ego.

In the first commandment given to Moses, probably the most misunderstood of the Ten Commandments, God said, “You shall have no other Gods before me.” He wasn’t talking about other religions. He meant the human ego. I am sometimes asked if there isn’t a good side to the ego. That gets us into a slight-of-hand with language because when you truly hold what we can call ”good ego,” you have already moved to the God Space.

Think of human behavior. You either open your heart to others (the God Space) or distance yourself from them out of fear (ego). You either fully embrace your relationship with your partner (freeing them) or you (try to) control them out of insecurity (ego). You either negotiate with someone out of respect for their ideas (even if you disagree) or you duke it out (a fear-based ego reaction). You either open your heart to God (freeing yourself in the process) or tie yourself up in intellectual beliefs and ideas (expressions of fear).

If you think about earthly events, everything that happens here has at its root the movement to greater compassion. Otherwise it would not be an issue, just part of the landscape. Pick any issue – The Middle East, AIDS, EBOLA, Ferguson, women’s rights, domestic violence, gay rights, Afghanistan – whatever. Setting aside the specifics, all of these issues have at their core the opportunity for us to learn to love one another (or the resistance to that). We get caught up in the specifics and fail to see the larger agenda. But that’s the only reason these issues exist! And if we don’t get it with this set of problems, The Creator has plenty more waiting in the wings!

It’s the same with your life. Got problems? They are here to teach you about holding greater compassion (especially for yourself). You are not being punished. God doesn’t do that! You are being taught in an admittedly painful, but highly effective manner.

What would happen if you would/could approach the problems in your life with more love? Pick an issue. I don’t care what it is – notice that. Now, soften your approach (not your goals). Fill your heart with love for yourself and for the other(s). Odds are if you soften, the other(s) will too.

Besides, you’ll feel a whole lot better.

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