Having Problems

Let’s assume that you are having a problem. You want your life to be better. You wish, you hope, maybe you even pray. You put affirmations up on your refrigerator, cut pictures out of magazines or call a psychic that one of your friends used.

The thing most people do not realize is that The Universe does respond. What happens is that a life experience will be created to show you the ways in which you push love or abundance or whatever else it is that you have asked for away. In other words, you will get a lesson, or what I am going to call a “learning opportunity.” These problems provide an opening for you to examine the resistance you have created to whatever it is you have asked for. This means that you will most likely experience a failure, and it can feel like torture.

After all, you have asked for help, and instead of being given salve, you get sandpaper. And to be fair, we must remember that you are not starting out in the best frame of mind, anyway. But this is the route you must take in order to receive what you have asked for because that is where the problem is! The block to abundance or love or peace or whatever it is you desire, isn’t on God’s end, it’s on yours! I will say that again, the difficulty isn’t on God’s end. It’s on yours, so that’s where you will have to go to fix it!

We of course, don’t want that. We do not want to have to give up our limiting fears and beliefs because they “protect” us. We would rather have someone give peace or joy to us so that we don’t have to go into the swamp that we have created through our anxieties.

There is an old Chinese story about a great healer who lived near the top of a mountain. He had a great gift, but the climb to get to him was difficult, especially for people with afflictions. Someone asked him once why he did not move down lower so that the people who needed his healing could reach him more easily. His answer was most interesting. He said, “Those who really want to heal will get here.” That may seem like a callous response, but there is a great deal of truth in his answer. Healing isn’t about acquiring abundance or joy; healing is about giving up your beliefs. When you release your beliefs then your true self naturally comes through. And, until you are ready, really ready, to give up your limiting beliefs, they will interfere with your ability to be whole.

Doing the work itself really isn’t all that hard. The concepts are ridiculously simple. But giving up defenses can be tough. You have got to want to heal! So long as your well-oiled defenses are operating and you are getting by, there will be little real motivation for you to change. This is the down-side of having free will. Otherwise, God could just program you like some mindless robot.

The ironic thing is that you are going to have to give up your self-limiting beliefs anyway because they are not true. The Universe will push on you, i.e., bring problems into your life, until you see the truth and decide that you are not the yucky person that you sometimes think you are. Today you can make changes at your own pace. Tomorrow you will make these same changes because the consequences of your life decisions will force you to. You chose.

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