The Evolution of the Conscious Mind

The Evolution of the Conscious Mind

God had a quandary. She wanted to bring us to an enlightened state but She could not just give it to us (we have free will). So, She had to develop the means for us to get it on our own. She had to create a process (a middle step) between ignorance and enlightenment that would facilitate our transition into enlightenment.

The Ironies of Life

There are several important ironies in the process of life. The FIRST IRONY is that in this moment you cannot be any different than you are. Beliefs do not change precipitously. They must be chipped away. You came to your beliefs through a good deal of pain and struggle, and you’re not going to just toss them over on a whim. ControllingRead more

Soul Loss in A Culture – Part II

In the first article of this series I wrote about the loss of soul that occurred from Western society’s transition from craft to manufactured goods. But there is more. The transition profoundly affects each of us every day. When You create something, as opposed to merely assembling parts on a production line, you engage in a process – a processRead more