Dealing With Gun Violence

Dealing With Gun Violence

Violence is an issue mankind has been wrestling with since Cain slew Abel. We are certainly not as violent a people as we were even a short time ago, but developments in technology have given today’s individual a killing power unknown in human history. We must, if we are to remain a civilized society, take steps to controlRead more

Mental Illness

When they pick through the ashes of Western Civilization, along with its its many accomplishments, historians will note four major failures: First will be its greed driven ethical corruption; second its failure to protect the environment; third the treatment of criminals and the fourth will be its disregard of the mentally troubled. The ethical and moral corruption inRead more

People With Mental Problems

As the nation expresses its shock and grief over another school shooting, another group of people, although terribly saddened, will tell you that they are not surprised. Actually they are relieved that this sort of thing does not happen more often. The people that I am referring to are the country’s psychotherapists. Therapists are acutely aware that aRead more