Am I Worthy?

I frequently hear things like, “I don’t feel lovable,” “I don’t feel good enough” and the classic, “I don’t feel worthy.” I would imagine you have had similar thoughts. It is part of the human condition.

Life can feel pretty unfair. There is pain and suffering, people get hurt. There are street gangs, political corruption, wars, religious intolerance, drug abuse and corporate crime. We try to live better, we really do, but life can be such a struggle!

I can understand why some people think there isn’t a God. After all, how can a loving God subject his children to so much pain and unhappiness? From the outside at appears that we are here on our own, struggling against life (and not making a lot of headway). . . . Unless, of course, all of this serves some higher purpose. . .

First, let’s straighten out a couple of assumptions: God doesn’t determine the events of your life. You do. Nor does He decide how you will respond to your dilemmas. You do that too. There is pain in life, but you determine your response to it.

God established the basic rules for life, and they are as follows: Live in the God Space (love, compassion) and be at peace. Live out of fear and self-doubt and be in pain. The choice is yours.

But you are driven by forces that overwhelm you, that take you over. It hardly seems like you have free will at all! That’s because your emotions (your fears) are driven by your frightened inner child. You are not in control of things. He or she is. And he or she a powerless and frightened 4 year old, struggling to survive in a scary world of more powerful adults.

The pain in life isn’t there to punish. It is to nudge you to move you out of complacency and in the direction of the God Space. It is so that you won’t settle for less than you deserve. And the more you resist surrendering, the more pain there will be!

Let’s talk about that higher purpose I mentioned. There is a place in you today that can be moved to fear and uncertainty (your inner child). That is because you do not appreciate nor understand the beautiful and special being that you are. She feels unworthy, unlovable and inadequate. Get pushed on and you wilt or move into rigid resistance.

God wants you to be more secure with yourself. He needs you to not retreat into ego and fear when challenged, but to stand in the truth of who you are. He needs you to be able to stand up to the winds of self-doubt and shame and say, “I know who I am, I cannot be unworthy or unlovable.”

Perhaps this is only done for your own good or it may be that you are to serve some higher purpose. Whichever it is, that is the reason you are here. That is why you have come to earth and why you share in this remarkable experience of life.

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