Why Are You Here – Part V – Finding Purpose

Why Are You Here – Part V – Finding Purpose

Although humans can climb mountains and explore the depths of the oceans, probing the landscape of the human spirit confounds us. But while tens of thousands of people risk death and injury racing motorcycles, swimming with sharks or parachute jumping, surprisingly few will earnestly pursue the path to enlightenment. Accepting that humans are incredibly creative and adaptive and that manyRead more


Desiderata  Max Ehrmann,1927         Go placidly amid the noise and haste,         and remember what peace there may be in silence.       As far as possible without surrender       be on good terms with all persons.       Speak your truth quietly and clearly;       and listen toRead more

Ego And The God Space

To help children grow and learn, we create safe and nurturing environments for them. We go to great lengths to devise places that are both physically and emotionally safe. We create safe playgrounds, secure schools, baby monitors, school zones, etc., with a primary emphasis on our kids having a safe experience. We create literal and figurative sandboxes for them. InRead more

Some Spiritual Practices

There are a few effective practices that can make a great deal of difference in your life. The first is a technique that Krishnamurti taught. He maintained that this was his “secret to life.” Krishnamurti looked at every situation and reminded himself that: IT DOESN’T MATTER! We make situations matter. Good lord, the time and energy we expend over situationsRead more