The Mystery of Life

The Mystery of Life

Perhaps you already know that there is a great deal more to life than to be born, have couple of kids, live 70+ years and then die. This is especially true if you consider the incredible complexity of everything in The Universe and how perfectly it all fits together. With that perspective, it is difficult to see life as justRead more

Depression: Part I

Depression is the most prominent psychological disorder in the western world. Depression originates as a socially driven condition. In the U.S. about 10 million people suffer from significant depression each year and the numbers are increasing substantially. In 2014 depression was 24% greater than it was in 1999. People born since 1945 are 10 times more likely to suffer fromRead more

Having A Problem

OK, so somebody says something hurtful and it stings. Your feelings get bent out of shape and you fall into a downward spiral. Maybe you deal with the other person, maybe you don’t, but eventually you pull yourself together and find a way to keep going in spite of the offense. In any case, your focus is going to beRead more