Humans have two states of being. You are either in the God Space or you are not. In other words, you either live from a place of compassion or you are dealing with some kind of fear. There are levels of intensity to the fear, but basically it is an either/or proposition. When you are in the God Space, you live according to The Universe’s principles of harmony and flow. When you have separated from the God Space, you must find other ways to manage your existence. You must turn to rational thought and your ego as substitutes for Universal guidance.

When in the God Space you are free to choose the kind of relationship you want with the present moment. When you operate through your ego you lose that freedom because the ego has an investment in limiting risk. Your life will be dominated by your ego’s need to defend you from the perceived threat of change.

In our separated space there is unworthiness, there are insults, shame, judgment and criticism from which we must be protected. And we will go through incredible gyrations to avoid, suppress and manipulate in order to keep our defenses functioning and our beliefs intact, regardless of the truth. This also keeps our focus on ourselves, and on our pain and fear rather than on the seemingly risky behavior of opening our hearts.

Fear and anxiety are incompatible with the God Space, and The Universe is obliged to apply pressure to anything that is disharmonious with it. Thus every dissonant thought or action you have ripples out into The Universe and is met with a corresponding pressure “encouraging” you to change your disharmonious beliefs. This push comes in a place where you feel vulnerable or insecure (unworthy or inadequate). We know these pressures as “problems.”

The purpose of The Universe’s pressure is not to irritate, although that is what it often feels like. The pressure is an invitation, an opportunity, to change. We tend to focus on the situation and blame others or ourselves for our failings and miss the greater opportunity that is being offered. We react. We become defensive. We either collapse inwardly and withdraw, or push back with aggression or rage. We do have the opportunity to move to compassion, but we do not do that very often.

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