Finding Purpose

By Ross Bishop
Although humans can climb mountains and explore the depths of the oceans, probing the landscape of the human spirit confounds us. But while tens of thousands of people risk death and injury racing motorcycles, swimming with sharks or parachute jumping, surprisingly few will earnestly pursue the path to enlightenment.

Accepting that humans are incredibly creative and adaptive and that many people courageously venture into the unknown, what shuts us down when it comes to enlightenment? If enlightenment or as I refer to it, “the God Space” was painful or life threatening, we could understand why so few people accepted the challenge.

But, not only is enlightenment totally risk free, it actually improves our health and well-being simply by attempting it! Where life on earth is typically defined by pain, fear and anxiety, the God Space contains nothing but joy, compassion and peace. Life is healthier, more peaceful and you actually live longer the closer you come to living from that place. So what is it that holds back?

Turning away from enlightenment represents more than just a missed opportunity. As strange or unreasonable as it sounds, we actually choose to accept a life of pain rather than being at peace. How many people do you know who stay in unsatisfying marriages out of a need for security? Who stay in demeaning jobs because they lack self-worth? Or put up with spiteful relatives because it is “expected?” Pain and a dreary existence is the price you pay for avoidance and making compromises. We rationalize the reasons, but they are still choices. Now to an objective observer, that behavior doesn’t make sense. So we must ask, “What is it that causes us to chose such a dreary existence?”

You may not realize it (most people don’t), but while struggling to hold your life together, your trials and tribulations are part of a larger process involving the development of your soul. And if you understood how that process works, it might make your daily life more fulfilling. You could summarize it all like this:

You are involved in making the transition to living in The God Space. The most notable manifestation of that is the transition to greater compassion. What that looks like is learning to LOVE EVERYTHING (especially yourself).

That is the reason you are here.

We tend to view our life challenges as separate events, as individual occurrences, but when viewed from a larger perspective, the events of life reflect an interesting continuity. Everything in your life, from the smallest thing to the most significant, has but one purpose – to move you to greater compassion.  If you were to stand back from your various challenges, you would find that regardless of their context, each situation shares the common theme of urging you to move to greater compassion (often toward yourself).

To help children grow and learn, we create safe and nurturing environments for them. We go to great lengths to devise places that are both physically and emotionally safe. We create safe playgrounds, secure schools, baby monitors, school zones, etc. with a primary emphasis on our kids having a safe experience. We create literal and figurative sandboxes for them. In those environments, children can learn the basics of life with nominal risk. Kids can learn about themselves and how to deal with others. Empires in sandboxes are acquired and lost, toys are shared or not and no one really gets hurt. In the sandbox nothing is permanent. Tomorrow is always another day.

In the same way, the Creator has made a great sandbox for us. It is called “life.” In this sandbox we are given opportunity after opportunity to work out the dilemmas presented by our fears without eternal consequence. We inject a lofty importance to the events of life but in and of themselves, they have no ultimate meaning.

Nothing you do here is eternal. Those who come after you will sweep aside what you were and what you believed. Your money and fame will dissipate. If you were really famous they might build a statue or name a school after you, but even the memory of those things will eventually fade. Everything you believe will slip away. All the fights, wars, joys, stresses, victories, illnesses and other things so significant here, will have little importance when you move on. Just like the play in a sandbox, nothing you do here is eternal, with a single, notable exception – the development of your soul.

God created two states of being in the Universe – The God Space, a realm of compassion and peace where there are no beliefs, just truth; and the realm of fear, marked by the ego: an arena of pain – of self-doubt, fear and insecurity. You can be in one or the other, but you cannot be in both at the same time. The two are not compatible. They are like light and darkness.

Life is a learning arena designed to help you make the transition from the ego space to the God Space. It is a process to move you from fear-based self-centeredness to a place of compassion, and that will lead to the further development of your soul.

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