Having Compassion

In every moment life presents you with a choice – either move to compassion or close down from fear and anxiety. To take the opportunity and face your fears or remain imprisoned by them. The choice is yours. If for example, if you think you’re not worthy or inadequate, you won’t respond harmoniously to the situations that life presents. You won’t take risks. You’ll avoid healthy relationships or attach to other people in unhealthy ways.

You’ll shrink back, rationalize away and avoid opportunities – professionally or personally – where you might otherwise succeed.

You’ll be afraid to get hurt, you’ll hold back, you won’t step in. You’ll take refuge in your ego. You won’t go for the brass ring. You’ll settle for the plastic ring covered with tin foil.

We call that having a problem.

The Universe tries to make you aware of what you do so that you both won’t hurt others, but more importantly to make you aware of the unfinished areas of your consciousness. It does this by creating “friction” both inside yourself and between you and others when you do not move with grace.

Let me be clear, I am not talking about the substance of the issue. That can always be negotiated or dealt with. What I am referring to is the emotional charge you place on whatever is happening. The anger or fear you experience is not a part of the situation, you brought it in, and you can take it back.

The origin of your insecurity comes from from the belief that you are not worthy of God’s love. Many years ago you made an agreement with God to come to earth and work on your fears and vulnerabilities. Your loss of memory was built into the process because without that, your ego could not surface.

So you have forgotten, and because you have free will, God can not interfere. As a result, part of you feels like God abandoned you or maybe even kicked you out of heaven. And when you believe these things, you then have license to not step into the God Space – to not fully participate in life.

Beliefs are stand-ins for God’s truth, crutches for a wounded ego. And as I said, it’s what you have to do when you decide to live from your ego instead of the God Space.

Now, that’s not a failing on your part. The process we call life was designed to do exactly that – to surface your unresolved ego issues. After all, you’re not good enough! And those beliefs become so ingrained that you think they are who you really are!

Now, your response is whatever it is – there is no right or wrong here. But when you withhold or are unkind, you are going to get a reaction from others, and you’ll feel it inside, too. That energy is the energy that will eventually create change.

Your beliefs will cause you problems until you let them go and embrace the truth of who you really are. That’s the bargain we all make with life. And, until you’re ready to make that step, you will just have to accept a bumpy ride. And your beliefs will be your “baggage.”

There is an old Zen saying, “The obstacle is the path.”

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