Excerpted from “A Shaman’s Path To Inner Healing,” a fourteen part video series.

Let’s talk for a moment about pottery. A potter will tell you that there are small defects in every pot or cup. Tiny weak spots that over time and use will grow, eventually causing the pot or cup to chip or fracture when it is bumped or dropped. Now when this cup is cracked, it’s cracked.

Flaws in your behavior aren’t like that. They can be fixed. You can change! Those cracks, those places you see as flaws – where you do not move in harmony with life, are places for your growth. They are the places God is going to use to help you to become more whole.

Today you have beliefs that get in your way and prevent you from living in The God Space. But the thing is, You cannot be the things you believe – like being unworthy or unlovable.

You can feel that way, but that still doesn’t make those feelings true. It only means that you have them. But those cracks have become your reality, your truth. You view them, or at least treat them, as permanent.

And, it is those beliefs that get you in trouble, because they control what you do.

So you work very hard to compensate or cover over your “imperfections.” You see, we don’t heal our “imperfections,” we try to cover them over, compensate for them, or otherwise hide them so others won’t see them. Your “imperfections” are places where you don’t dance well with life. And they are what you have come to earth to work on.

If I were to drop you onstage into the middle of a performance of “Swan Lake,” you’d feel pretty foolish. It isn’t that anything’s wrong, you just don’t know the steps, you haven’t been trained and you haven’t practiced. You might never become a prima ballerina, but that’s a different matter.

It’s the same with life. When confronted with a certain kind of situation, you become frightened, you withdraw because you don’t feel like you can do the dance. That vulnerability makes you focus on the cracks in your cup for fear that someone will see your flaws and expose them.

Someone left you with the impression that you couldn’t dance. And that’s the problem. It isn’t that you can’t do it, it is that you have been convinced that you can’t.

It isn’t that you are unlovable or unworthy, either, it ’s that you believe you are. Your version of the truth (the cracks in your cup), the belief that these are permanent flaws, keeps you from being open to other possibilities.

And so long as you believe that you are defective, you have to operate as though you were. You must protect yourself. And that leads to all sorts of complications, making it difficult to work on what you came here for – the transformation of your consciousness from the ego space to the God Space.

If you loved yourself you would know that your cup couldn’t be cracked. You would know that there wasn’t even a cup at all . . .   You would be free of the burden of needing the acceptance or fearing the disapproval of other people.

Wether we are talking about family problems, a relationship beak-up, alcohol abuse, success at work, problems with your kids, or personal feelings of alienation and worthlessness – all of these issues spring from the belief that you are not worthy – believing that the cracks in your cup are not only permanent, but fatal.

The thing is, those fractures – those “failings,” are purposeful. They are intended. They are what God is going to use to help you to grow into something more than you are today.

God wants you to heal your misunderstandings not so that you can perfect your cup, but so that you can transcend it and become something more altogether.

In summary, you are not who you believe you are. Today your behavior does not reflect your true self. You make mistakes, we all do, but that’s not who you are either. It is just what you do when you feel scared and need to protect yourself.

Sooner or later you will come to understand that there never was a Boogie Man under your bed.

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