Self Criticism

How long has it been since you tore yourself to pieces? An hour? A day? And while we’re at it, how many negative thoughts do you have each day? A hundred? More? We can be pretty rough on ourselves, and being human means that there will always be plenty of stuff to pick from.

If your negative thoughts are about yourself, exactly what or who are you criticizing? Although we generally ignore the impact of our thoughts, every one of these self-condemning, self-critical messages has an impact! Aware of it or not, you are being a bully to your inner one with your barrage of self-criticism. Each condemnation is painful to the already hurt and scared inner child who is desperately trying to manage your life. In addition to that, this ongoing struggle consumes an extraordinary amount of your personal energy. That’s why you are so tired all the time!

Think for a moment about what you get from all this self criticism? Does it help you to grow? Does it support you in making changes? The answer is a resounding NO! That’s not its purpose. But, although self-criticism isn’t helpful or constructive for you, it is vital to her, and that’s the dilemma you face.

She has a decidedly negative view of life and the world. She operates from the values she grew up with – a world very different from the one you live in today. She has been hurt and fears it happening again. If she had her druthers, the two of you would live in a cabin in the woods, away from people and insulated from criticism. But since that isn’t a realistic option, she does the next best thing – she seeks to limit your/her exposure to criticism and rejection. How? By allowing the negative entities she has associated with, tear you down and make you feel inadequate. She does this to get you to avoid taking risks, and as you are doubtless aware, this can be very effective! She doesn’t mean to hurt you or cause you problems, that is an unfortunate side-effect. But if she can get you to feel badly about yourself and avoid situations she deems to be threatening, then she isn’t likely to get hurt or rejected (again), at least for the moment.

You are not alone in this by any means and this isn’t a new phenomenon. It has affected humankind since the beginning of time. The good news is that spiritual teachers developed a powerful solution to this problem many years ago. And as with most spiritual practices, it is a simple concept that can be challenging to do. The technique is:

Every time you have a thought (of any kind), call in The Creator’s Compassion. 

What happens? Feel the difference? You feel an energy shift and your self criticism melts away. It is a temporary way to deal with the condemning voice of the negative entities. It is a simple technique, but we live in such a complicated world, we don’t trust it. The thing is, it works!

If there is an issue confronting you, it will still be there, but now it will be free from the emotional baggage you typically pile onto situations. Your final resolution will be cleaner and more to the point. Make this practice an essential part of your daily routine and your life will change!

It is important that you bring God’s compassion to you rather than going up to connect. Your inner child has created separation from the Creator by using the negative entity’s destructive thoughts. She does this because she fears God will reject her. Logic does not reach The Creator, and if you connect, you have to shift from the logical to the spiritual. In doing that you run the risk of being abusive to her by depriving her of her protection. Having The Creator’s compassion come to you allows her to maintain at least a semblance of sanctuary.

Perhaps you are fussing about issues in your relationship. Are you worried about money? Simply bring God’s compassion down. Struggling with health issues? Worried about your kids? Afraid of dying? Concerned about the future? Call the Creator in. He/She will enfold you in love.

Notice I did not say, “Give your problems to God.” That’s different. The situation facing you is still yours to resolve and you need to accept responsibility for it. Besides, God didn’t create the problem and wants you to learn from your experience and your choices, (although He/She will always be there to support you).

If you have difficulty doing this exercise, you will have brought to the surface an important underlying issue that needs attention. The thing is, many people don’t want to resolve those issues. They would rather fuss. It serves their ego needs. We complain about our lives, but we are also reluctant to venture into the underlying issues that drive our problems. Doing this exposes things we do not feel ready to address. So, when given a time-tested technique, proven to work through thousands of years of practice, we ignore it or find reasons not to use it.

That is why we generally have to get pushed into a corner before we will deal with our stuff. And The Universe continues to push because it knows something we do not. Separating out Universal Truth for the moment, every other belief you hold isn’t true. They cannot be. (There is a detailed discussion of why this is so in my book, Healing The Shadow.) Forcing these issues into your awareness is The Universe’s way of asking you to look at and eventually heal, the core wounds that drive your choices and your behavior. For many people, the fear surrounding their core issues can be daunting, so if you find yourself avoiding this practice, you might want to try the shamanic journey process to learn more about what’s going on or engage the services of a trained shaman to help you heal it.

But in the meantime, try hanging out with God . . . .

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