Playing Small Ball

When you were a child you lived in a narrow world comprised almost entirely of your parents, grandparents and perhaps an occasional aunt or uncle. That was about it. For good or ill, this narrow world shaped your existence. It determined your values, behaviors and beliefs. Whether you agreed with your parents or rebelled against them, their worldRead more

Saying “YES” to Life

Saying “YES” to Life

What would make your life better? More money? More hours in the day? A better relationship? Better sex? Some sex? A better house? A maid? Time to relax and meditate? Less stress? A new job? Typically people look outside themselves for answers, but you’re not likely to win the lottery anytime soon, and since Prince Charming has alreadyRead more


When presented with the opportunity to be compassionate, we often hold back. We go as far as we can, but we are often unable to love freely and openly. We become anxious and afraid. We fear that if we open our hearts we might be rejected. Why do we feel this way? Where does that come from? TheRead more

Parents and Children

We assume that a child comes into the world with a clean slate. That’s both true and not. In a child’s conscious awareness, everything is new. His or her immediate circle is a world of wonder, newness and exploration. There is little conscious awareness of anything outside his or her world. But at another level, The Universe isRead more