Soul Loss in A Culture – Part I

Dealing with “soul loss” is at the heart of shamanic work. We speak of “soul Loss” when an individual closes part of their natural self off to life. Obviously, this can happen for many reasons. And like an individual, a culture can also suffer soul loss. Today many of us are concerned about what has happened to theRead more

Shamanism – Traditional Healing

One of the intriguing things about traditional healing is that its practice is remarkably similar no matter where you go. Traditional healers from different disciplines can often work together because after thousands of years of refinement they have independently distilled the healing process to its essential and most effective essence. Regardless of race, culture or geography, when itRead more

Healing – Part I: Belief

Healing – Part I: Belief

If you lived in a traditional society and presented your tribal shaman with a case of cancer, arthritis, heart disease, snakebite or the breakup of a relationship, the shaman would address the immediate problem and then search for the deeper emotional or psychic disturbance that was causing your dilemma. In traditional societies, the healing process requires that theRead more