Dealing With Your Problems

Dealing With Your Problems

by Ross Bishop In this article I’m going to offer you THE solution to your problems. And the solution is so incredibly simple that at first you won’t believe it. But first you’ll need some background information: Each of us comes here with some things to learn. Mostly it’s about about loving ourselves and loving others. So if you wantRead more

Relationship Failure

Of all the things we do, relationships vex us the most. They cause us no end of pain and frustration. We want them, yet we’re afraid to be vulnerable. Sooner or later every relationship we have will either fall apart or test us, and when this happens it hurts a great deal. Sometimes we are wiser for the experience, sometimesRead more

Being Successful

Two Flowers (a short story) The morning sun broke gently over the pond. The frogs and dragonflies awoke and crawled out of the shadows to warm themselves and dry off the evening dew. They greeted the sun with a cacophony of sound that announced the beginning of another day of pond life. The morning mist disappeared into the warming airRead more


by Ross Bishop People are curious about Shamanism. Although the term is becoming more widely recognized, there is still confusion about exactly what it is. Shamanism is not a cultural or religious phenomenon. It reaches beyond acculturation into the core of the individual regardless of a person’s background, culture, training or beliefs.  No country or culture has a corner onRead more