The Ego

I would like you to quit fussing for just a moment over what you normally worry about and focus on the two issues that lie at the foundation of all the others: that you do not feel loved or lovable and secondly that you are not sure there is a God. The impact of our lives (past and present) have convinced us that we are unworthy and also that a loving God must not exist because otherwise why would the world be in such a mess!

These are manifestations of the ego. And as long as we remain in that realm, we will experience the limitations of it – pain, unworthiness and inadequacy, either as individuals or as a culture. Remember, we have free will, and so we have the power to make this life anyway we want. The good news is that no matter what we do, our choices will eventually bring us home. It’s just that choosing some paths makes life considerably more painful. So it is when we get, “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” we finally make changes and surrender control, usually to, “I don’t know what, but anything has to be better than this!”

It doesn’t come easy, this giving up the ego. After all, we have made a significant investment in it. It comprises the totality of who we think we are and of the world around us. So if you give up who you think you are, what’s left? The ego says there is nothing because it can’t see beyond its own realm. It’s like searching in the dark with a small flashlight. You simply cannot see very much, the system won’t let you. Then somebody flips on the studio lights and you realize that you are standing in the middle of a vast landscape that goes on for miles!

The problem with life is that you have to flip your own switch. Nor can you transition from one light to the other easily. My metaphor breaks down there, because the two realms are not compatible. There is nothing of the ego in God’s realm. Coming into the God Space literally means finding a new way to see the world. You need to create a new mind.

But, we haven’t exactly been left without guidance. Christ came to show us the way. You know, “Love one another as I have loved you,” that sort of thing. It’s not easy, no one ever said it was going to be. Nothing worthwhile ever is. But what makes it difficult is that it means giving up the ego. So long as there is a “me” and a “you,” there is a potential barrier between us, a place for me to hide behind. In The God Space there can only be an “us.” And that doesn’t mean just people either, that includes the plants and the animals too.

But if we give up what we know, no matter how dysfunctional it may be, it’s like jumping off a cliff with no idea what’s beneath us. We’re told it is OK, that God will be there, that the space is really OK, but we’re not so sure. With your recent history, the ego has plenty to point to and say, “He hasn’t been there for you before, who’s to say that He’ll be there now?” Here is the problem with that argument: as I said, the ego and God cannot co-exist. So in the past, when you chose to live from your ego, you closed the door to God. Also, you needed to learn to leave the ego on your own, no one could do that for you. Besides, He actually has been there, just not in the way your ego-self would have liked.

In any case, it takes lot of faith to make that jump on only promises! And that’s the problem with the ego, it wants certainty and it wants it on its terms. But you can’t have it both ways – God’s and man’s. The whole idea of this stage of our evolution is to get you to release the ego and find faith. And that’s very scary!

Now I can sit here and say, “C’mon in, the water’s fine” all day long it it won’t make any difference to the ego. It will find a thousand excuses – you’re not like me, you’re cursed by God – or at least – He doesn’t love you or, you’re not ready to make that leap, etc., etc. As I say, a thousand excuses, because it cannot see beyond the limits of its horizons and it naturally fears what it cannot see or explain. It’s just doing its job, until it is replaced.

So you have two choices, and staying where you are isn’t one of them. You either jump blind and hope that something will be there, or like the mystics for generations, you immerse yourself in God and jump with the knowledge that He’ll be there for you. I strongly recommend the later approach. You don’t have to become some religious fanatic. We’re talking spirituality here, not religion.

So, hang out and suffer if you like, it’s your choice. As I said, the water’s fine. How long before you decide to make the leap? (By the way, afterwards you’ll be amazed at how small the jump really was!)

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