Finding Faith

Finding Faith

Our resistance and the energy it generates through conflict, provides the driving force for a system that will eventually bring us home. Perhaps you already know that there is a great deal more to life than to be born, pay bills and die. This is especially true if you consider the complexity of everything in the universe and how perfectly it all fits together.

Losing Your Mind

When you learn chemistry or Spanish, you start with the basics and then add more information (knowledge) as you progress. This is the Western/scientific way of acquiring knowledge, and although this approach is fine for many things, it doesn’t work for spirituality. Spiritual understanding starts like other subjects – you learn basic values from your parents, church, school, books, friends,Read more


Spiritual teachers have been urging people to, “Have faith! That is the way to salvation!” for years. And for years people have responded, “Thank you for the advice and encouragement, but I am not willing to take that risk and be that vulnerable. It’s just asking too much.” Their experience underlies their reluctance. When they come up against a limitation,Read more