What The Future Will Ask of You

Having struggled with the challenge of compassion for thousands of years, humankind stands at the edge of an extraordinary period of transformation. The old beliefs based in fear and domination are about to give way to a new set of values based on cooperation and compassion.

Since the first day you came to earth you have been encouraged to develop greater compassion. Everything of significance that has ever happened to you has been, at its core, about having more compassion. Surely, greater compassion for others, but ultimately more compassion for yourself.

The future transition will not change that process, however, it will intensify it substantially. And as with all transitions, you are going to have to face the fear of letting go of what you know, as unpleasant as that can be, for that which is alien and unfamiliar.Humans live in one of two basic states. We either live in fear or we hold compassion. We either connect with others and share our love or become afraid, close down and separate from them (and ourselves).

The future transformation will be to end that duality and lead you to quash your fear. The transformation will bring you to trust The Creator and move into a steady state of compassion.We have all been hurt. We feel as though we have stood up to be counted, and have been repeatedly run over. Our question is, “Where was God when I needed Him?” The answer is that He was right where He always is. God has not turned from you, you have turned from Him. When you become fearful and turn to your ego, you turn away from God. You close the door. God and fear (the ego) are not compatible. You can live in one or the other, but not both. When you live in fear you guarantee that things will turn out badly and that you will feel hurt. That is the inevitable consequence of living from fear.

God’s grant of free will means that He will not rescue you from the consequences of your ill-considered choices. He wants you to learn from your mistakes, and rescuing you, as attractive as that might seem, would deprive you of the very thing you came here to do – to stop living from fear. Consider this analogy: God gave you fire. Your task is to learn to use it wisely so as not to burn the place down. But you have the freedom make a mess of things if you chose.

The source of your fear lives deep in your core. When you separated from the creator to come here, your place of vulnerability caused you to feel abandoned and rejected. You carry those feelings of unworthiness today. That is the origin of your fear and insecurity. Every important step you have ever taken has been influenced by those feelings. Your task is to learn the truth, heal your deep-seated vulnerability, and accept that you are not the defective being you think you are.

To some degree, we are all afraid of our shadows. The energies of the unhealed shadow can be obnoxious, irritating, hateful and filled with pain and anger. Yet the shadow holds the key to your well being! In its raw form, the shadow exists because some part of you holds serious misunderstandings about itself. It has become convinced that you are unworthy, that you do not deserve to be loved, that you may be inept or incompetent.

Engaging and exploring those false beliefs, is what we call learning to dance with (heal) the shadow. That is the process that will bring you out of your misunderstanding, leave fear behind and set you on the road home. Since you have been reluctant to do this yourself, The Universe is about to give you a significant push. The price you will pay is to lose the freedom to make these changes at a time and manner of your choosing. For example, today you can largely ignore what I say here. That will not be the case much longer.

Our culture, built upon greed, power and domination stands in many ways in stark contrast to God’s teachings and in dire contrast to the health of the planet. Institutions built upon those beliefs will fail and the beliefs themselves will be rejected.

The chaos and disruptions coming to the external world will significantly challenge your beliefs. It will push on the ones you have been taught but never really accepted or that you mouth but do not really practice. If you are unable to move to greater compassion, you will experience dissonance and pain, very likely considerable pain, not as punishment, but to pressure you to change your perspective, give up your false beliefs (especially about yourself) and live more in the truth.

In the past, making this transition was a rather a difficult process, and although the path will still be very challenging, the process has become considerably smoother during the last eighteen months. People are making transitions today more easily than before. Still, changes in the environment and the crippling of our social institutions will make daily survival in the world more challenging.

To provide a sense of the transformation, I am going to contrast some of our “old” values with their likely replacements. I want to be clear that in many cases it is not the values per se, but what we have done with them that has created problems.

When we charge the old values with fear and anxiety, we misuse them and push them well outside their original intent. For example, there is nothing inherently wrong with science, but when it is used as a barrier to spirituality, we move it from a beneficial to a detrimental institution.

The new paradigms will invite more compassion, support, and a deeper connection to our lives, each other and the world. In every moment we choose what to give our attention, time, and energy.


Old: People are born into sin and are inherently corruptible.

New: Everyone is beautiful, special and deserves to be loved.


Old: Hatred and vengeance are often justified. An eye for an eye. Put wrongdoers away in prison.
People sometimes do foolish and hurtful things. They should be shown the error of their ways with love, forgiveness and compassion.


Old: Life is a shark tank. Exposing your real feelings will leave you vulnerable and you will be hurt. To survive and succeed you must manipulate others. Use a false persona. Do not speak the truth.
You cannot be harmed. Honesty and openness authentically connect us to one another and synergizes our natural potential. Support is far better than competition and isolation.


Old: Hierarchies are the best way to structure human endeavors. Societies need to be led and controlled by the best and the brightest. The strongest people will naturally prevail. Competition sorts out winners from losers.
Each individual has gifts that need to be honored and encouraged. Healthy competition respects everyone and recognizes that everyone has something to contribute. The focus will be on cooperation for the greater good not competition for personal dominance.


Old: Avoid personal responsibility. Blame others.

New: Accept responsibility. Reward reasonable risk taking. Learn and grow from failure.


Old: The rational mind and science are humankind’s supreme achievements. They explain life. Categorizing and dissecting nature allows us to better manage it. Science supersedes God and spirituality. The rational approach of science and engineering is the best way to allocate resources.

New: Explanations do not lead to understanding. Foster flexible intelligence. Recognizing the interconnectedness of all life leads to compassion for nature and greater growth and harmony. Explore the edges of consciousness, especially other dimensions and capabilities. The heart and personal relationships are paramount. The most significant part of life is the divine mystery that is to be welcomed and explored.


 Old: Focus on order, discipline, details, complexity.

New: Important changes are always chaotic. Welcome flexibility and occasional chaos because they reveal new possibilities. Seek out the bigger picture. Identify the simple principles behind the complexities of life.


Old: Honor and defend boundaries, borders, and divisions. They offer security, safety, and comfort.

New: While respecting and honoring, look for shared vision and ways to work together. Take risks in order to grow. Short-term pain can bring long-term benefits.


Old: Don’t trust.

New: Surrender to and trust in a divine force which is greater than our egoic selves.


Old: Defeat and conquer the enemy. Life is us versus them. Make war on evil.

New: Commit yourself to transforming and integrating life’s challenges. The shadow is an expression of that which is unrecognized. Embrace life so that you might learn from it.


Old: Look externally for guidance. Don’t trust your feelings. Hold to established rules and beliefs.

New: Look inwards for guidance. Develop intuition. Hold Universal truth and stay flexible.

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