The Coming Global Transformation

Significant transformation is ahead, even notwithstanding the backsliding of the Trump years. Humankind has painted itself into a number of corners – spiritually, environmentally and economically, and the status quo on any level is simply no longer sustainable.

Between global warming, the depletion of the oceans, political corruption, Wall Street and banker manipulation of the financial  system, jobs going to Asia, environmental disruption, the housing collapse and the apathy of the wealthy; significant political, spiritual and social change must happen! As many around the globe have realized, we simply cannot manage the 21st century with 19th and 20th century values!

This will be a time of epochal events with the potential for enormous social and environmental transformation. Change is difficult for humans and change of this magnitude has the potential to create significant turmoil and unrest. The new efforts for change may be more peaceful than the past, a change from the historical pattern of violent revolution.

We will determine the pace and outcome of what happens. We can be compassionate toward each other or fearful and hostile. The thing is, people all over the globe are so very ready for transformation! Fear and anxiety are everywhere.

I have spent the last several months with a channeled entity in discussion about the coming transformation. His perspective is that transformation is not only necessary, but inevitable. What follows are his answers to some of my questions:


A: My friend, Ross, You are very curious about mysterious things. Humankind is anxious for answers, some of which cannot be given at this time. I understand your dilemma. Hang on a little longer. You are correct in many of your assumptions. The souls of this plane have been through a torturous period. These answers may seem brief, as volumes about the transformation could be written.What is happening today are events that began generations ago. Change is now beginning to reach, as your society puts it, a critical mass of a new way of Being. “Life” and individuals are becoming more important to survival than this economic system you are drowning in. The protest against this system is worldwide. Even people in your own country are starting to protest. The nonviolent approach will hold for a time.As you have already seen, there are those who will bring violence into the process in order to remain in power. It is crucial for you all to remain nonviolent. This will keep the process going longer and ultimately be more effective. Spirits are all around helping the process. Electra is building. . .this energy will bring even more spiritual energy.


Q: If the Creator is God, why was it necessary for Him to come to earth through us? Does He not possess all knowledge?

A: He had the knowledge but needed to experience it.COMMENT: Although God created the universe and has infinite knowledge of it, He lacked the experience of self-discovery. Although He created this place, He has never lived in it the way you have. He lacked the practical experience of both self development and evolution. It is one thing to have knowledge of something and quite another to have lived that same phenomenon.


Q: Is God separate from us?

A: Yes, and no. . . From your present level of understanding, the answer is yes. But as you progress into the higher realms of compassion, you will find that the answer is no. It is difficult to explain in words. Right now, understand there are many beings of light helping your earth. There is great light and energy around each of you.


Q: How did the spiritual exploration of the earth play out?

A: The Self went in many directions to seek and play with aspects of the Self. The Self was free to discover all aspects of creation and it had the freedom to create and experience what it encountered.Humans experienced being a part of all life on this planet. Some people more than others. There are many myths and tales in the world culture that show souls in this life adventure. You’ve seen children’s books with tree people, half animal/half people etc.

COMMENT: In order to remedy His lack of experiential knowledge, God split off parts of Himself and sent them out into the universe to learn about self-discovery. A number of those parts came to earth. You are one of those parts. What you and the others are learning will significantly advance the Creator’s experiential knowledge.


Q: A number of spiritual Masters have asserted that we have become “stuck” here. If that is true, how did it happen?

A: Planet earth is a beautiful place full of wonder and excitement. It is also a self-sufficient, evolving planet with many different forms of plant and animal life. God desired to experience His creation through the spirits He created from Himself. In the process of self discovery, spirit wanted to feel and experience life in an ecosystem which was experiencing evolution and where survival was at it’s core. So spirit made the choice to enter into the dense matter of the planet.Spirit’s learning on earth is driven by a considerable curiosity for all the various life forms. Its immersion into matter became part of “What is”. . .part of “I Am.” The animals, plants, etc., were already in process. Humankind became another aspect of that process.

It took time for for Spirit to create the body for mankind to evolve in. In the beginning the body had more light than today’s version. The more light in the body, the more reliance on spirit. The body became more dense over time.

As the result of its curiosity and a certain naïvete’, spirit became caught up in the denseness of matter and in the process of survival on earth. The planet’s theme was survival and the longer souls remained in dense bodies the survival instinct took greater and greater control. Over time, survival became part of its system, separating spirit from its natural identity.

Ultimately, the survival instinct overpowered the Self and the divine knowledge that came from Self source. The Self (temporarily) lost the ability to get out of the denseness of matter and could not feel its light body. Edgar Cayce wrote about how this unfolded. So your question of whether this was man’s doing or the Creator’s doing is that it was both.

In order to thrive, life on this planet needed to consume other parts of life. Some consumed plants, some animals, others both animal and plant. Humans became part of this survival system.

To find a way out, the truth could not be forced . . . Humans had to find the solution within themselves. Other spirit beings came to help and got stuck too. Truth and compassion have been with you all along. The survival instinct blocked humankind’s ability to understand that the “light” was inside. The survival instinct created the idea that, “Might means right.” You know the rest of the story.


Q: What will be required for us to transition out?

A: To put it briefly. . .a critical number of souls need to “see the light”. . .see who they are, to lift humankind out of its presently unsustainable dilemma. When the intention to heal comes from a critical number of light workers and light spiritual beings, sufficient energy will be created through their intention to heal the present dilemma.This is the energy of the light cloud Electra, and it occurs when a “critical mass” of souls work peacefully to manifest the idea that “life” is valuable. . .more valuable than man-made things and having power over others. Electra is a cloud of intense healing energy. This energy will grow as spirits (earth people) realize who they are. As these spirits work with us the energy will grow.

Violence weakens Electra. A nonviolent approach by people is essential. Electra’s energy cannot grow under violent circumstances. Many earth guides have taught this “concept.” Humankind has used violence for power and control. Today, fear lives in abundance on the planet and it is difficult to overcome. Belief systems about the Self are at that root, Ross, as you know so well.

Healing the psyche involves both giving and receiving. It is not more blessed to give than to receive for they are both the same.  So. . .essentially it is important to protest in a nonviolent manner and heal wounded psyches. Souls are ready for this. Souls want this! The divine and spirit worlds are helping humankind find its way out of the present situation.


Q: When we separated from the creator to come here, a place of vulnerability in each of us caused us to feel abandoned and rejected. We carry those feelings of unworthiness today. Is that the origin of our fear and insecurity?

A: Yes. The separation caused terrible feelings of abandonment and fear. Man lost sight of the light within. This question will be answered when man is ready to hear it.

COMMENT: In order for the process of self-discovery to work, before you came to earth it was necessary for you to forget what it was like to hold the God Space. (The God Space is the state of mind that reflects the qualities of compassion, kindness and understanding that Christ urged on us and were expressed in God’s commandments.) When you left “heaven” in your disconnected state, you felt as though you had been cast out into the cold uncaring vastness of The Universe. You naturally concluded that you had been abandoned and were unwanted, unworthy and unloved.

The creation of these feelings was necessary if you were to learn and experience from your time here. If you had kept your God consciousness intact, there would have been little opportunity for learning. Someone would bump up against you and you would realize what was happening for them and then move to your natural compassion and forgiveness. As a result, there would be no conflict or fear and therefore nothing for you to learn about or work with. Events would simply never have turned into problems (learning opportunities).


Q: Can you tell us more about our “dark side”?

A: On earth you live in a duality with two sides to every coin, so to speak. The two sides of the coin are compassion and fear. Fear comes from wounded souls that are afraid to give up control. Some of these souls can become very vicious. They are greedy and hold themselves above all others. They attack, manipulate, exploit, and kill. The most vicious people are in control of the money system. This system is so corrupt that souls that do not possess this vicious side cannot fathom what is happening around them. There are so many wounded souls and so few to love them!Souls that repress their fear through the over-accumulation of money and power are cursed with feeling that they always need more to keep them safe. The more they want, the more tensions are being released.


Q: I had a follow-on question about the word “released” in the above.

A: Wealthy people, very wealthy people, have a great sense of entitlement. I’m not talking about all wealthy people, but there is a body of them that cannot give up any control. The fear that loss of control produces is so great and this fear causes great tension. When that tension is released, it spreads out like a cloud and is received by many others. Those who feel this tension do not understand it but do become part of it. This produces a field for manipulation on a large scale. The wealthy people we are talking about can control these others to do their bidding, and thus their control becomes considerable.


Q: The present conservative political backlash in America seems to be an extraordinary fear-based reaction to the emerging forces of change, and it gives me concern for the future. . . I also hold concern for the considerable shock that lies ahead for those who are unable or refuse to embrace the truth.

A: Your labor of love and the labor of love of all healers never goes unnoticed. The conditions of your planet and free will are at play here. We cannot interfere. The economic system was created to control and reward a very small segment of your population. As you can see, there is a recognition beginning to flow about the unfairness of this.Your culture operates on control and lies. Money has been it’s god. Earning a living in this system creates a darkness. . .a sense of being used and abused. It creates a great deal of pain. This anger and pain are being expressed now around the globe. Each person is like a reflection of the whole. The path of the light workers has been hidden for most of humankind’s evolutionary cycle. That will change.

The media and current economic issues have increased fear. Information and misinformation is exploding. People want truth, they are clamoring for it. But people have been lied to and lied to, so it is difficult for them to know what is truth and what is not. They are getting fed up. Be ready, the time is coming.

There is more Christ Consciousness with you now than ever before. It is surging underneath as the pressure of anger and fear is being released. Internal pressure is being released. Our healers are the light of the world. You are encouraged to keep growing. . .life will be tough for a while. . .but because of you. . .the light will begin to emerge.


Q: We are rapidly approaching a time of transformation although there are already planetary and social disruptions, I do not perceive the scale of change consummate with the Mayan predictions of transformation. Was 2012 just a marker in a longer process, or is the kind and pace of transformation that has been predicted yet to occur?

A: Life as you’ve known it is already changing. . .polarization, confusion and unprecedented events. Answers are different among various groups because truth is different for different people. There are so many mixed messages, so much gridlock. The time is now for people to transform, the pace will be determined by humankind. 2012 is a number, what’s happening is an event. Will everything change on one particular day? No. Events take time to gel. Time is an abstract measuring tool used by humankind, but the time to transform is now! Learning to love is the preparatory work. Ross, everyone needs to love the self/Self. That is the work you do, my friend.

Change is happening. Adjustment to change is difficult for humans. It will be easier for young people who are not stuck in their own ideas. The “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration is an example of people wanting change and being willing to endure hardships to create it.

Loving the troubled parts of ourselves, as you have said, is not easy, and many people are having a difficult time learning to love their hurting inner ones. How long it will take them to learn to unconditionally love, I cannot say. But, now is the time to work on loving these difficult parts of the self. Many humans are stuck there. For them, pulling that difficult part of the self over the line must be their focus for now. Prepare yourself by knowing what you all need to learn to love. Does that snap in instantly? Not usually.

There are many humans working to preserve “Life” with a beautiful sense of love.  Yes, there are some that say and do what seem inappropriate for the cause, and that is driven by fear. There will be joy as beams of light permeate soul after soul and understanding creeps in to replace fear. In terms of power, fear is small when put beside Love.

The media has shown people just how evil things like war, famine, disease, etc., can be. Increasingly people are looking at others with compassion. Yes, as a species you are transforming. More people will break down and begin to weep for their fellow beings. They will begin to see the oneness. For many people it will take an instant, for others it will take more time. Everyone needs to hear how precious they are. Ross, this is your work. In time, more people will be ready to hear you, to understand you, and the insights you offer.

Humankind is more powerful than people think. You are spirits living in human bodies. You are part of God. There is a veil, and yes, you are all one, even if that understanding is veiled for now. Underneath humankind there is more beauty than you can imagine. Know yourself. . .all will know who they are.


Q: Can you speak of the coming upheavals?

A: Natural disasters will become more prevalent. Wars may erupt in some places as the dark forces fight for survival. In some places it will be like the power went out. There is plenty for all, however, there are those who will want to hoard to gain control. Message: Keep yourself wrapped in white light.The energy will slowly become lighter. Light workers will understand and be guides. Transformation for the world will be like transformation for the individual. There are places of great wounding that will need to be healed. Sadness will abound. Anger will abound. Many will need healing. The cloud of light, known as Electra that I mentioned, will help that process. Time will become less of a concern. There will be a feeling of joy. People will begin to look at one another in a different way. Christ, Buddha and Mohammed’s words will have more meaning. . . Christ’s message at the Last Supper, “Love one another as I have loved you,” will be of great importance.

Sustainability during the time of chaos is an important message everyone needs to hear. Food, water and shelter are basic needs you should be paying attention to. Everyone needs to be prepared for upheavals, earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, floods, etc. Just be prepared. It’s what you should do anyway.

Prepare like you would for a natural disaster. . .medical supplies, water, nonperishable food, battery operated ways to obtain information and lighting, candles, matches. . .  It would be wise to start a garden.

Organization will need to be on the local level. Resources will need to be pooled.  With organization and cooperation these changes can be handled. Cooperation rather than competition will need to be the model. Roosevelt’s saying, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself,” applies here. Sanitation needs and rescue operations will be necessary. Always share what you have. Remember the story of “Stone Soup.”

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