Why Do You Care What They Think?

by Ross BIshop

So someone thinks badly of you. Of course you won’t like it, but honestly what of it? Perhaps you erred and need to learn from the situation so you don’t repeat it again. So in that light, maybe you need to apologize or make amends. But what if it’s their issue? What if you really didn’t do anything “wrong”? Maybe they are just jealous or envious. 

It is still difficult to have someone out there with bad feelings toward you, isn’t it? Why? Especially if you didn’t do anything wrong! Why do you care? The first thing to remember is that nothing happens without a reason. This incident has exposed a vulnerability in you to other people’s stuff. The Universe is presenting you with an opportunity to resolve something that has probably been hanging around for years, either in terms of what you do or how you feel about other’s reactions. I wrote about this subject a while ago, but it is too important to not repeat:

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