Shamanism – Traditional Healing

One of the intriguing things about traditional healing is that its practice is remarkably similar no matter where you go. Traditional healers from different disciplines can often work together because after thousands of years of refinement they have independently distilled the healing process to its essential and most effective essence. Regardless of race, culture or geography, when it comes downRead more

Dealing With The Shadow – A Fairy Tale

Fairy tales bring us the experience of thousands of years of dealing with negative entities (satans) and healing our emotional wounds. Tales that involve dealing with entities, something we have come to call the Hero or Heroine’s Journey or the dark night of the soul, are death/rebirth tales that typically involve dealing with dragons. But, there is much more toRead more

Working With Your Shadow

Draw a line through your life dividing it in half. The part above the line is your daily life – your job, your relationships, your kids, housework and friends. This is the area that is mostly under your conscious control. It is where you balance your checkbook and decide where to go for dinner. The area below the line isRead more

Healing – Part II, Sacrifice

Healing – Part II, Sacrifice

(In Part I we looked at the role of belief in shaping and limiting the healing process. In this part we will consider the pivotal role of sacrifice. This has been excerpted from my book, Journey to Enlightenment.) Our ancestors viewed life as being either sacred or profane. Profanity was that which stood outside the God Space, it could not beRead more