Dealing With Your Problems

Dealing With Your Problems

by Ross Bishop In this article I’m going to offer you THE solution to your problems. And the solution is so incredibly simple that at first you won’t believe it. But first you’ll need some background information: Each of us comes here with some things to learn. Mostly it’s about about loving ourselves and loving others. So if you wantRead more

Depression: Part II Treating with Amino Acids

After several years of struggling with clients to find the right pharmaceutical drugs and dosages and deal with the brain numbing and detrimental side effects of antidepressants, I began a search for alternatives. Since our central nervous systems are almost completely regulated by amino acids, I thought I might find some help there, and I did. Amino acids can haveRead more

Making Bad Decisions

I once met a man who kept a pet skunk. He (understandably) didn’t have many friends.  I  said to him, “Why don’t you get rid of the skunk?”  “I can’t,” he replied, “it’s the only friend I have!” Where do your problems come from? They come from your “bad” decisions. What is a “bad” decision? One that is based inRead more


If I were to say that emotions play a role in disease, you would agree. If I said that emotions cause disease, some of you would agree. Now, If I said this to your physician, I’d get the equivalent of a blank stare. He wouldn’t deny it outright, but he could not bring himself to accept it either. Emotional causalityRead more