The Coming Global Transformation

Significant transformation is ahead, even notwithstanding the backsliding of the Trump years. Humankind has painted itself into a number of corners – spiritually, environmentally and economically, and the status quo on any level is simply no longer sustainable. Between global warming, the depletion of the oceans, political corruption, Wall Street and banker manipulation of the financial  system, jobsRead more

The Shadow

Of all the problems we face, few are more painful or difficult than those presented by the human shadow. Whether beating up on ourselves or taking our frustrations out on others, the shadow is the source of the most difficult challenges we face. Ranging from meanness and greed to rage-driven behaviors like murder or sexual abuse, the havocRead more

Dealing With The Shadow – A Fairy Tale

Fairy tales bring us the experience of thousands of years of dealing with negative entities (satans) and healing our emotional wounds. Tales that involve dealing with entities, something we have come to call the Hero or Heroine’s Journey or the dark night of the soul, are death/rebirth tales that typically involve dealing with dragons. But, there is muchRead more