Doing And Being

If I “be,” I allow. “Being” says that I trust The Universe and can let go, knowing that whatever comes is for my highest good. I may not like what happens, but I know that The Universe is working on my behalf. We call this “faith”.

“Doing” is different. “Doing” says that I do not trust. I have been “hurt,” and do not feel safe enough to allow life to take its own course. I must try and control my fate.

The difference in these two approaches is defined by my trust in God. The ability to “be” says that even if I do not understand what is happening, I trust. “Doing”, on the other hand, means that I believe that if I let go, things will end badly. This is because when I “let go” (or thought I did) in the past, things have not gone well. We make many attributions about this – either we are defective and are being punished, or God is capricious or worst of all that there is no God and that we have been left on our own to either swim the great river of life or drown.

These surface manifestations are driven by the deeper sense that I do not know who I really am. I came to earth to resolve this conundrum, but the separation from God exacerbated my feelings of doubt. Perhaps I had been rejected – found to be unworthy and cast out! Compounding the problem is that in order for the learning process on earth to work, my previous relationship to The Creator had to be temporarily blocked from my memory.

Because of my self-doubt, I was not able to fully open to life. As a result, things would go badly and I fell further into the morass of my negative beliefs. In response, I tried to control life even more to at least keep my head above water and minimize the pain.

The more I tried to control things, the worse they became until one day, out of complete frustration and failure, I hit bottom, gave up, surrendered my will and sought help. That would eventually lead me to find the truth about myself and reclaim my relationship to The Creator. That began my transition from “doing” to “being”.

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