Psychic Healing

I recently read a book called The Desert Pilgrim. In it was a story about a monk’s healing of a deaf child. It deeply resonated with my growing understanding of the power of faith. The monk is speaking:

“When you’re on the spiritual path, you’re on the right road. Listen, there was a mother who brought her young daughter here the other day. The daughter was deaf. The mother had taken her to doctors, but they could do nothing. ‘Oh Papa, won’t you help my daughter,’ the woman begged. ‘I can help your daughter and I will,’ I said. I sat her down on the bench right where you are. I spit on my two fingers and placed them in the daughter’s ears. The girl closed her eyes and I began to chant a prayer of healing in Russian.

’But what if it doesn’t work?’ the mother cried. ‘What if it doesn’t work?’

‘And it’s not going to work with you asking that question,’ I said. ‘You of little faith, go on out of the room right now, immediately.’ I kicked her out and returned to the daughter, the girl who had perfect faith. I spit on my fingers again and placed them in her ears. I chanted. I asked that God’s healing powers come down upon her. We joined together in our prayers and after a few minutes the girl said that she could hear my voice. She raced outside and found her mother and told her that her deafness was gone.

So that’s the kind of faith you have to have, the faith of a little child. You must come to the kingdom of God like an innocent.”

What follows are some excerpts from a book entitled Cosmic Healing, by Barbara Brodsky. Barbara is quite devoted to the work of John of God in Brazil. The man known as John, whose name is Joao Teixeira de Faria, allows himself be taken over by healing entities, who claim to be great healers from the past. These beings perform remarkable healings. I have witnessed their work myself on people who have found the faith to allow themselves to be healed as in the story of the deaf girl.

Barbara writes at length about her own process of healing from both blindness and deafness. What makes her book unique is that Barbara has an excellent channeling connection with an entity named Aaron. I have never read an account of what psychic healing looks like “from the inside.”

The thing I would like to emphasize is how different from common reality things become when you introduce deeply held spirituality. Things change. The laws of conventional physics seem to not not hold as forces we do not normally encounter are brought into play. This is why science has such a difficult time embracing the world of spirit and why it will remain difficult for science to ever understand what shaman and psychic healers do. The everyday world is not the same realm that psychic healers operate in. They are able to do their work because they can enter other realms where things not possible in this realm are possible. That is why they appear to be “miraculous.”
Because psychic healing appears like magic, the field is unfortunately full of charlatans who use deception to hoodwink people into believing that they are doing the real thing. A little subterfuge and a willing client can be convinced that a piece of gristle is a cancerous tumor, removed without making an incision. India and the Philippines are full of these people.

So, here is Aaron, the channeled entity, speaking about the entities who work through John of God, courtesy of Barbara Brodsky and her book, Cosmic Healing:

. . .So, what is happening when the Entities work? What I say here is a mix of what I have seen, what I understand from past observations of similar work in other times and places, and what the Entities have explained to me.

. . . Like all beings, St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Francis Xavier, Dr. Oswaldo Cruz, Dr. Augusto de Almeida, (note: the beings John claims come through him) –  I am offering just a few examples – have each lived in many incarnations. They were healers in many incarnations. Here is one in which they are known. But their soul force is far greater than simply the single being whose name they currently bear for your human comfort. . .

When the Entity picks up the knife, in the moment before contact it is still a knife of earth density, although a frequently used tool will carry a higher vibration even when not in the Entity’s hands. When the Entity, which knows itself to be nothing more than infinite love and intelligence expressing as Light, lifts the knife, he literally charges the knife with Energy. Just as the Entity gives its energetic force to the water you drink here (the Casa) to bring it to a higher vibration, so does the Entity bring the knife to a higher vibration. The knife is made up of molecules that are simply a different expression of Light. When the knife’s vibrational frequency is raised, all that is held is a shaft of Light. To human eyes, the knife still looks like a knife, although in the glimpse that Barbara got of it, she saw something a bit different. Barbara saw the simple knife’s transformation into a crystal of Light superimposed over the form of the earthly knife. The implement the Entity holds is now both the crystal of Light and the metal knife; there is no duality between them.

What cuts the skin is not the knife blade. That is why it can be very dull. (note: to make a point, John often does surgery with a common table knife.)  What cuts the skin is energy expressing as Light. There is no need of a sharp scalpel. There is no need for sterilization of the tool. The power of its high vibrational frequency would not destroy, but would simply release anything harmful, like shaking dust off a blanket. The Entity could have used something other than metal but only certain material could sustain that vibration; softer material would explode with the charge. The best tool to hold the vibration is something like metal or crystal, any substance that won’t disintegrate quickly. But he could just as easily have used a spoon. However, it would be harder for people who truly believe that he is cutting with a knife to accept the spoon.

When a body cell suffers trauma there is seepage of fluid. If you cut into many cells and their blood vessels, you can have severe bleeding. In traditional surgery the surgeon cuts with a knife and disrupts the integrity of the individual cells. The Entities have a very different approach. The knife is not used as a sharp implement but as an Energetic tool. Through the knife, the Entity brings a high energy that gently pushes between the cells. Picture a dense cluster of balloons. If you wish to move through, you can hack your way with a knife, breaking balloons, or you can gently sweep them to either side with your hands. The latter illustrates how the Entities cut into body tissue. The cells are invited to move aside and very few are traumatized so there is little bleeding. Even most blood vessels are energetically redirected to create an opening. Blood flow is redirected. When the work is finished the cells are invited to come back together and the blood flow is released into the normal channel. The wounds heal quickly.

When the Entity inserts a finger into the incision, the finger retains a semi-solidity, yielding when necessary, firm where necessary in order to grasp. The Entity can very easily shift that finger from a primarily material form to a more Light-based form. This surgery has some small kinship to your much more primitive laser surgery. The finger is Light and Light projects from it. It can easily cut away, for example, malignant tissue. This cutting process is also similar to what Barbara does to restore a photograph on her computer. She enlarges the picture enough to see the individual pixels. If the eye has a bit of red from the flash bulb, she is able to remove the color red and change it to the brown of the eye, or the white. She is able to be very precise. If there is a stray single hair over the face, she can pick up the color of the adjacent pixel, delete the brown of hair and paste in the appropriate flesh color, thus removing the hair from the picture.

The Entities can work this way using the body as their palette, clearly perceiving the difference between benign and malignant cells. Just as Barbara would not disturb the pixels of the surrounding photograph to correct that single troublesome pixel, so the Entity can follow any thread-like path of malignancy with no damage to the surrounding tissues. The high intensity Light cuts away the cancerous thread. Then it reaches in, almost like cutting the hemline of a skirt where there is a very tight stitch, and releases one thread at a time. When the entire malignancy is released, it can be withdrawn whole and intact, or piece by piece.

When I say, “cut away” this is never by force. The malignant cells are cut away, but the Entity also communicates to the distorted tissue, giving clarity, explaining that in that malignant cell’s effort to protect the body it is doing harm. There is no force; free will is observed even at the cellular level.

The healthy cell contains very pure water with a high vibration. The malignant or otherwise distorted cell has water with a low vibration. Light touches deep within, helping to purify the water content of all the remaining cells. This higher vibration is supported by the intake of high frequency water, and by the high energy of the Current.

When the Entity feels that that which needed to be treated has either been physically removed through surgery or successfully invited to transform into healthy tissue, he will then use the same Light that was used to make the incision, to heal the incision. The healing is swift for two reasons. Firstly, there has been very little trauma to the tissues. Secondly, the Entities energetically invite the reconnection of the tissues. Think of two slabs of clay. If you bring their raw ends together, they meet, but may not stick. If you apply water to both raw ends so that a light film of water and clay exists on each side, and you then bring them together gently, they will unite. The molecules will bind. The healing of the incision is similar but energy is used in place of water. Before they close the incision they energize the cells so that there is high vibration and movement, and then invite their edges to meet.

When closing the incision we are dealing with the water content of the cells, but more so with the radiant energy within each cell. Light draws the tissue together. There is only a thin seam remaining. This is true of both the deeper layers and the surface layer. If the human could be kept from moving for about an hour, and if the Entity were able to reinforce its Light healing of the seam within the hour, no stitches at all would be necessary. But the human being will move and there are not enough Entities involved in this work for one to attend to one human for the ideal length of time. The compromise they have developed,however, is quite satisfactory; it will heal very quickly, leaving only the barest trace of a scar or none at all.

Visible and invisible surgeries are equally effective in most situations. It is my understanding that in the case of a distortion such as a malignancy, the visible surgery may allow a quicker removal of the distortion through the incision, but ultimately, either means will give the same results.

The second style of visible surgery that you asked to have explained may be used to heal any portion of the body or mind, but does not require a skin incision. Instead, the Kelly clamp enters the nostril, a convenient entry point, so that no cutting is necessary.

I watched the Entity access the body in this way in order to repair a foot injury.

The nostril also leads into an area which we could call the seat of the soul, the third eye. From there it is easy to access the eight major chakras.

In the process of placing the clamp into the nostril, when that clamp penetrates into the body the solidity of the clamp dissolves; it is just Light. The body structure around it also temporarily dissolves into a semi-material form, much more Light than solid. Perhaps you have watched your own face in a mirror for a long period of time and seen how other aspects of the self come forward into the face, even past beings. If you have not thusly observed the face, you may wish to try it, just looking easily at your face in a mirror for about 20 minutes. How dramatically the face seems to change. Perhaps you have seen this in deep meditation when looking into another’s face. The facial features are just molecules held together temporarily in this form. The form opens up. So when working with the Kelly clamp, there is not a hard metal tool being forced through the nasal bones, sinuses and into the skull. Immediately, all is light.

The Kelly clamp is used, I believe, because as uncomfortable as it may seem, it is a bit more comfortable for people to view than to watch the Entity push Medium João’s finger far up the nostril. I mean no disrespect here. It is a culturally conditioned form that a finger does not go there. I am uncertain whether the metal material of the clamp has an advantage over the flesh of the finger, but certainly the use of the tool is easier on Medium João. These tools have been brought to a high vibration before surgery. They are consecrated to this work. Certainly a new tool could be used but the Entity would need time to bring it up to the necessary vibration.

Another visible surgery is the scraping of the eyeball. Again the knife is Light and what appears to be only a scraping away, is also the bringing of Light into wherever it is most needed. People observe what seems to be pressure on the eye, which is the effect of the Light. The matter that results from the scraping is the result of karma and distortion that have been burned away and released.

What is the relationship between our free will and healing?

The Entities cannot create something against the will of the human. On a conscious level the human may wish to heal, but the human may also be attached to the status quo. The illness is a result of many conditions. Often it relates to old karma that is not fully resolved. The illness may have become a hiding place, offering a veil so that the human does not have to see deeper issues. If the human is deeply willing, the Entities will support the balance and release of old karma. The high vibration of the Casa is a supportive environment for this work to happen.

You have noted that surgery can be done away from the Casa and wondered why people have needed to come to Brazil. For the human with highest intention to healing, ready to look honestly at issues that have enhanced distortion, the work can be done from afar. That human must also take responsibility for meditation and other practices that maintain a high enough energy to support the healing work. At the Casa it is easier. The environment itself provides that high vibration.

I was curious about the anesthesia at the Casa and how it worked. I observed a woman during surgery for a large growth on her breast. She was standing, eyes open, and didn’t flinch at all as the knife cut deeply into the breast, or as the Entity inserted fingers and clamp to remove a lot of tissue. The only thing the Entity did before the procedure was to hold his hand to her head for a few moments.

What is pain? There are many nerve endings throughout the body. Certain sensations such as extreme heat or cold, or penetration by something sharp, are felt as uncomfortable or unpleasant. There is a very fast movement through the neural pathways from the site of injury to the brain. The mind perceives this sensation as pain; therefore, the habitual reaction to pain arises. The Entity energetically blocks the perception of pain moving to the brain. Sensation is still experienced, perhaps as heat or pressure but the brain does not register that perception as pain.

Could you explain further how the Entity blocks the perception of pain?

There are two parts to this answer. For the first, the closest metaphor I can offer is a heat shield. If an object is radiating heat and you place a shield between you and that object the heat remains but you do not feel it. Energy has many forms. It can be active as in the type of energy used to create an incision; it can be passive, or even receptive. Essentially the Entity inserts an energy catcher at the point where the nerve connects to the brain. This energy is receptive; it acts like a blotter absorbing the pain impulse.

To understand the second part you must understand perception. Only rarely is bare perception experienced, uninfluenced by old conditioning. Jumping into a cold lake may feel pleasant or unpleasant regardless of water temperature. Much of what is perceived is based upon prior conditioning. If you expect the sensation to be unpleasant, you contract before it is experienced. This first contraction influences the next experience. The Entities help bring the perception faculty to a centered place of bare perception. Thus there may be a feeling of heat or pressure, but the body does not jump in alarm and contract with the anticipation of pain. When the body stays soft, the sensation that does exist is just sensation. Most pain is largely a result of contraction around sensation. So there is this mix in anesthesia. There is blockage of the strongest sensation and the assistance to stay centered and not contract.

(Note: Some years ago a man named Markides wrote an interesting book about a powerful healer who lived on the island of Cypress who used the pseudonym Daskalos. You can find the book, The Magus of Strovolos on Amazon.)

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