When presented with the opportunity to be compassionate, we often hold back. We go as far as we can, but we are often unable to love freely and openly. We become anxious and afraid. We fear that if we open our hearts we might be rejected. Why do we feel this way? Where does that come from? The simple answerRead more

The Mask

The Mask

We all get caught in shame surrounding what happened to us at home. We end up feeling not good enough, unworthy, unlovable and a hundred other things. Now, we can’t be any of those things, but we can certainly believe that we are. This is not an accident. In order to accomplish what you came here to do, The UniverseRead more

Seeking Truth

Seng-ts’an lived in the late sixth century, and was the third patriarch of Zen Buddhism in China. He wrote a famous poem blending Taoism and Buddhism in which he said: “Do not search for the truth;  just let go of your opinions.” He also wrote: “The great way is not difficult  for those who are unattached to their preferences. LetRead more