Spirituality and Life

I wrote recently that maybe I could shorten these pieces when I figured out which words were God’s and which one’s were mine. Without consciously thinking about it, I touched on something far deeper than just these writings. Several of you wrote me about that thought and we began a dialogue about the role of spirituality in contemporaryRead more

Your Energy Field

You live in an energy bubble. You cannot see it, you won’t even notice that it is there. It is different from your aura or the energy of your chakras. This bubble has one purpose: to create separation between you and the hurts and slights of the world. It monitors, edits, filters, distorts and otherwise manipulates everything thatRead more

An Incredible Spiritual Exercise

An Incredible Spiritual Exercise

There are a lot of spiritual exercises out  there, and I have done most of them. Take my word for it, this exercise will take you out of your comfort zone. It will also peel the paint off the walls! Actually it is not just an exercise, but the beginning of a process. The biggest problem you will probablyRead more