Having A Problem

OK, so somebody says something hurtful and it stings. Your feelings get bent out of shape and you fall into a downward spiral. Maybe you deal with the other person, maybe you don’t, but eventually you pull yourself together and find a way to keep going in spite of the offense. In any case, your focus is going to beRead more

Your Energy Field

You live in an energy bubble. You cannot see it, you won’t even notice that it is there. It is different from your aura or the energy of your chakras. This bubble has one purpose: to create separation between you and the hurts and slights of the world. It monitors, edits, filters, distorts and otherwise manipulates everything that comes inRead more

Seeking Truth

Seng-ts’an lived in the late sixth century, and was the third patriarch of Zen Buddhism in China. He wrote a famous poem blending Taoism and Buddhism in which he said: “Do not search for the truth;  just let go of your opinions.” He also wrote: “The great way is not difficult  for those who are unattached to their preferences. LetRead more