The Stages of Life

When Ramanaha Maharshi sought to explain life, he used the analogy of a movie. He described life as happening on a movie screen – fleeting, transient images that were not “real,” but gave the appearance of reality. “Reality,” he maintained, took place somewhere else. I want to expand a bit on Maharshi’s analogy. But instead of a movie,Read more

An Incredible Spiritual Exercise

An Incredible Spiritual Exercise

There are a lot of spiritual exercises out  there, and I have done most of them. Take my word for it, this exercise will take you out of your comfort zone. It will also peel the paint off the walls! Actually it is not just an exercise, but the beginning of a process. The biggest problem you will probablyRead more

Having Hurt Feelings

OK, so your partner said something hurtful and it stung! You are wounded, angry and you feel betrayed. Inside, you feel like you have leprosy. No one likes being in these situations, even though we all end up there from time to time. When something like this happens we usually get caught up in the drama and feelingRead more