Negative Thought

Offered the choice between a McDonald’s hamburger and self-condemning negative thoughts, which would you choose? Which one would be worse? The hamburger is loaded with chemicals and preservatives and well, we’re not sure about the negative thoughts. . . Both are of course, undesirable, but while we are careful about what we eat, avoiding toxic chemicals, taking anti-oxidants, eating organic,Read more

Seeking Truth

Seng-ts’an lived in the late sixth century, and was the third patriarch of Zen Buddhism in China. He wrote a famous poem blending Taoism and Buddhism in which he said: “Do not search for the truth;  just let go of your opinions.” He also wrote: “The great way is not difficult  for those who are unattached to their preferences. LetRead more

Why Can’t I Meditate?

Almost everyone has tried and failed at meditation. We don’t have time, we get distracted, spurious thoughts ruin our concentration, we fall asleep, it just doesn’t work, or any one of 127 other reasons keep us from finding a few minutes to sit each day. This is rich fodder for self-condemnation, but the reason you have been unable to meditateRead more