Dealing With Problems

Dealing With Problems

by Ross Bishop There is something about your childhood wounding that you have yet to learn. Now, what happened back then hurt like hell, and that hurt was real and came at a formative time in your development. But the wounding wasn’t as you have always imagined it – that it was proof that there was something wrong with you! Read more

Sexual Abuse

The issue of our treatment of women has been an issue in society for some time. After all, like it or not, we live in what has historically been a patriarchy. But that is rapidly changing all around us. And changes of that magnitude usually do not happen without significant discord. Historically women have had to fight for every gainRead more

The Problem With Problems

No one likes having problems. We want an idyllic life, free from stress and difficulty. Most of us long for a life on a south sea island, free from kids and other people, no obligations, no hassles, no problems and free chocolate – right? You’d think the way some people keep their lives in constant tumult that they liked itRead more