Coping With Life

You do not love yourself for reasons – centuries old reasons. Let’s look at life and see where those came from. The first thing that happens is that life presents you with a situation (an opportunity), to move to greater compassion. Many times you will resist doing that because it conflicts with the way you see yourself. Stepping into thisRead more

The Evolution of Faith

Once there was a mythical age when people worked the land, were close to each other and had a strong reverence for nature. They lived with and depended upon the plant and animal spirits. There was little separation between the outer world of form and the inner world of mythology. Life depended upon nature, and although the people respected her,Read more

Why Are You Here? Part I

Why Are You Here? Part I

Some humans respond well to challenges. Present us with an unclimbed mountain, an unexplored ocean or an unknown continent and we’ll be there, pushing the frontier, exploring the unknown. Tell humans they cannot do something, and they will find a way or die trying. We have walked on the moon, split atoms, air-conditioned the desert and cloned sheep. We haveRead more